By REDintern Dylan Chua. Photos by REDintern Chan Hua Zheng.

Jun Jie (Yuan Ching #14) going up for a layup on a fastbreak.

Jun Jie (Yuan Ching #14) going up for a layup on a fast break. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chan Hua Zheng)

Clementi Sports Hall, Monday, January 18, 2016 — Vernen (SST #5) scored a game-high 31 points to lead School of Science and Technology (SST) to a comprehensive 52-10 victory over Yuan Ching Secondary in the opening game of the 2016 West Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Gaopet (#12) of Yuan Ching had a team-high four points in the defeat.

The result was never in doubt as SST were dominant from the opening tip. They built a 16-2 lead after one with Vernen (SST #5) alone accounting for 14 of the 16 points scored by SST in the quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, SST continued where they left off, extending their lead to 20 with 5:47 left on the clock to force a timeout by Yuan Ching.

However, the timeout proved ineffective as SST continue to impress, using a 9-2 run to close the half and lead 33-6.

Thomas (SST #6) was fouled as he made a left-handed lay up to start the 3rd quarter, further highlighting the commanding position SST were in.

SST then shut-up shop defensively as Yuan Ching were unable to buy a basket in the quarter. SST scored 11 unanswered points in the quarter to lead 44-6 heading into the 4th.

As both team realised that the result was already beyond doubt, the 4th quarter turned into garbage time. The pace of the game slowed and SST eventually emerged as 52-10 winners to start their season off with a telling victory.

Jefferson (Yuan Ching #4) said post-game, “We have to work more on our basics, as well as team work and improve on communicating with one another.”

On getting the season off to a winning start, Kiang (SST #13) remarked, “It was a good start but we could have done better. This win will serve as a good stepping stone to the next few games.”

Scoring by Quarter
SST vs Yuan Ching

1st Quarter: 16-2
2nd Quarter: 17-4 (33-6)
3rd Quarter: 11-0 (44-6)
4th Quarter: 8-4 (52-10)

Top Scorers

Vernen (#5) – 31 points

Yuan Ching
Gaopet (#12) – 4 points

SST Roster
Nyi Nyi (#3), Owen (#4), Vernen (#5), Thomas (#6), Dominic (#7), Oliver (#9), Mah (#10), Tony (#12), Kiang (#13), Justin (#15), Mahidhar (#16)

Yuan Ching Roster
Jefferson (#4), Tan Feng (#5), Noah (#6), Bryan (#7), Nicholas (#8), Ryan (#9), Clement (#10), William (#11), Gaopet (#12), Wei Xin (#13), Jun Jie (#14), Beng Wei (#15)

West Zone B Division Basketball Championship – fixtures and results

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