Story by REDintern Lim De Jun. Photos by REDintern Chan Hua Zheng.

Ryan Tan (Pierce #4) attempting a floater over the RI defense. He led his team in scoring with 16 points.

Ryan Tan (PS #4) attempting a floater over the RI defense. He had a game-high 16 points. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chan Hua Zheng)

OCBC Arena, Friday, January 15, 2016 — Raffles Institution (RI) defeated Peirce Secondary 47-38 in their opening game of the season in the South Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Liu Jia Wei (RI #7) led his team to victory by scoring a team-high of 10 points while Ryan Tan (PS #4) contributed a game-high of 16 points to his team.

Throughout the whole of the first five minutes, both teams took their time on their offense to test their opponent’s defense level. The defense set up of both teams did not show any signs of compromise.

Peirce’s team morale was very high, with cheers heard for every basket scored. However, probably due to anxiety, Pierce forced many shots, which gave turnovers to RI.

By the third quarter, the atmosphere became intense as the score gap was only two points, with RI leading. Both teams started their full-court press much earlier than expected to counter their opponents’ strong offense. With back-to-back 3s put up by both teams, the defenses became even more aggressive to prevent more shots.

It took a Bryan Teo (RI #12) 3-pointer with two minutes to spare to help RI pull away for the eventual 47-38 win.

Captain Liu Jia Wei (RI #7), said,”We did not play well, especially in the first few quarters. The team were too rushed in trying to get more points, it backfired. We were having way too many reckless plays. Thankfully, we were able to slow down at a later time which led to our victory.

“Peirce did really well during their game with us. Be it defense, offense, they were able to catch us off guard and make the shots. They played really amazing today.

“This being our first match of the season, I believe that as long as we try even harder during training as well as in games, we can make it all the way to the finals,” added Jia Wei.

Scoring By Quarter
Raffles Institution vs Peirce Secondary
1st Q:11-10
2nd Q:14-5 (25-15)
3rd Q:9-15 (34-30)
4th Q:13-8 (47- 38)

Top Scorers
Raffles Institution
Liu Jia Wei (#7) – 10 points
Bryan Teo (#12) – 9 points (with 2 x 3-pointers)

Peirce Secondary
Ryan Tan (#4) – 16 points

Raffles Institution Roster
Jordan Quek (#4), Zhou Zi Heng (#5), Liu Ji Kuo (#6), Liu Jia Wei (#7), Brendon Nglam(#8), Kevin Jung (#9), Darren Lim (#10), Adam Harith (#11), Bryan Teo (#12), Joel Koh (#13), Reuben Yang (#14), Jethro Kwong (#15).

Peirce Secondary Roster
Ryan Tan (#4), Jerome Tan (#5), James Wong (#6), Biao Yang (#7), Fraser (#8), Kenneth Tan (#9), Jonathan Tang (#10), Joshua Ahaya (#11), Maxime Chan (#12), Donovan (#13), Aikphan (#14), Zion James. (#15).

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