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guangyang vs bukit merah

Alicia Lai (GYSS #11) had a game-high 34 points. (Photo 1 © Les Tan/Red Sports)

PESEB, Wednesday, July 15, 2015 — Guangyang Secondary dominated Bukit Merah Secondary 75–2 in the South Zone C Division Girls Basketball Championship. Guangyang improve to a 2–0 win-loss record while Bukit Merah fall to 0–2.

Alicia Lai (GYSS #11) led her team to victory with a game-high 34 points. Sheena Woon (BM #14) and Lee Man Lin (BM #15) contributed one point each for their team.

Even though Bukit Merah got the tip, they were not able to keep the ball as Guangyang managed the steal the ball from them. The first point was scored by GYSS #11, with an assist by GYSS #9.

The tight Guangyang defense prevented Bukit Merah from breaking through. BMSS had few shot attempts, and trailed 0–16 after the first quarter.

Bukit Merah started to make many forced attempts but they were futile. They were able to break through Guangyang’s defense with good passing, forcing their opponents to reduce their range of defense.

However, this did not stop Guangyang from scoring more points. Bukit Merah were not able to stop Guangyang on their fast break attempts, and trailed 0–30 at half time.

Despite scoring no points in the first half, Bukit Merah kept their spirits high as they hustled for every loose ball. Even though their offence had improved, their defense still struggled. Guanyang took advantage to score even more. In the last second of the third quarter, Bukit Merah managed to break their duck with a free throw to trail 1–47.

With a stable defense and fast breaks, Guangyang continued with their strong fundamentals. A fast-tiring Bukit Merah were not able stop the Guangyang fast breaks in the final quarter and Guanyang wrapped up the 75–2 victory.

Bukit Merah captain Katherine Chng (#12) said, “There is definitely room for improvement. We have to start applying what our coach has taught us and not let it go to waste. The juniors still need to catch up with the pace of the other C Division teams.

“One thing we have to improve is our offence as many of us do not have the confidence to attempt a shot, causing us to score very few points. Our opponents did really well both in offence and defense as they managed to intercept many passes and turning it to their favour.”

Bukit Merah will next face St Margaret’s Secondary on July 20, while Guangyang will face National Junior College on the same day.

Scoring By Quarter
Q1: 0–16
Q2: 0–14 (0–30)
Q3: 1–17 (1–47)
Q4: 1–28 (2–75)

Top Scorers
Alicia Lai (#11) – 34 points

Bukit Merah
Lee Man Lin (#15) – 1 point
Sheena Woon (#14) – 1 point

Bukit Merah Roster
Bege Fanisa (#4), Lee Xin Yi, Andrea (#5), Denise Lim Choon Peng (#6), Yoong Yi Xing, Leona (#7), Mickayla Nicole Tan Bao Xin (#8), Nicole Tan Xue Qi (#9), Pok Hui Min (#10), Sim Kah Yan (#11), Chng Kai Ting, Katherine (#12), Wong Weng Han, Vanessa (#13), Sheena Wong Yang Peng (#14), Lee Man Lin (#15)

Guangyang Roster
Our request for the Guangyang team roster was declined. Please do leave a comment if you know the names and jersey number of the players so that we can update the story.

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