Story By REDintern Lim De Jun. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Jack Lascado (Woodgrove #11) driving the ball upcourt. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Wednesday, July 8, 2015 — Woodgrove Secondary dominated Yishun Secondary for a 49–4 victory in the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship.

Jack William Santiago Lascado (WG #11) led his team with 10 points.

After six minutes, Woodgrove started to take the lead. Despite being tightly contested, Woodgrove were able to convert their shots to take a 10–2 lead.

Woodgrove’s fundamental plays played a huge role in most of their scoring. They were also able to keep Yishun at bay, denying them scoring chances in the quarter.

Yishun did not give up and their bench continued to show support to their teammates. Yishun started to play with a tighter defence after the break, giving Woodgrove a slightly harder time.

However, Woodgrove were unfazed and increased their lead to 36–4 at the end of the third quarter.

Yishun were not able to keep up with the pace of their opponents and appeared worn out. However, they did not give up and maintained their defence, trying to stop Woodgrove from taking shots. However, their efforts were to no avail as the game ended with a score of 49–4.

Woodgrove captain Jack Lacsado (WG #11) said, “The game was quite okay. However, our coach said that this standard is not enough for the second round. We definitely need to work more on our box-out, fast breaks and defenses. Yishun played well and they were able to drive in against our defenses. Hopefully we could make the top four for our zonals.”

Scoring by Quarter
Woodgrove vs Yishun
Q1: 10–2
Q2: 11–2 (21–4)
Q3: 15–0 (36–0)
Q4: 13–0 (49–0)

Woodgrove Roster
De Guzman Gabriel Angelo Libadia (#4), Soh Ping Wen (#5), Chong Shao Kai, Sky (#6), Renfred Tan Zi Li (#7), Chee Mun Hao (#8), Ng Di Sen (#9), Chen Peng Kun (#10), Lacsado Jack William Santiago (#11), Aw Kai Jie (#12), Lim Zun Kang (#13), Kennedy Lim Juen Wei (#14), Soh Keng Yip (#15)

Yishun Roster
Sean Tan (#4), Heng Yip Kiat (#5), Zeng Shi Yu (#6), Jerald Tan (#7), Goh Ee Weng (#8), Lim Wei Jie (#9), Brandon Goh (#10), Ng Jun Xiang (#11), Kang Zi Le (#12), Liang Wei Long (#13), Marcus Heng (#14)

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