Story by REDintern Lim De Jun. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Terry Tong (North Vista #6) looks to drive the ball past a Serangoon defender. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Thursday, July 9, 2015 — Tight defense proved to be a key to victory, as North Vista Secondary (NV) kept Serangoon Secondary (SR) to zero points in the first three quarters to take a 75–6 victory in the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship.

Sim Yi (NV #5) led his team with a game-high 13 points, while teammates Chan Qi Feng (NV #12) and Dorian Chin (NV #9) had 12 and nine points respectively. Clarence (SR #12) led Serangoon with three points.

North Vista employed mid-range shots against Serangoon’s zone defence and raced to a 13–0 lead within the first five minutes. Serangoon, on the other hand, were overpowered by North Vista on the offensive end, and were not able to get past the half. This led to a huge 41-point deficit at the end of the first half.

Serangoon decided to slow down their game, making sure to reduce their turnovers. However, North Vista still managed to keep them from scoring, increasing the lead to 56–0.

In the final quarter, while North Vista opted for more three-point attempts. Despite conceding six points to Serangoon, they emerged 75–6 victors.

“We managed to play like a team,” said Lim Chen Hong (NV #15), adding that their passes were not bad, despite some turnovers.

Sim Yi (NV #5) added, “We were able to create chances for our teammates. However, we have to improve on our ball movement. Our opponents did not play as well as we expected though.”

Scoring by Quarter
Serangoon vs North Vista
Q1: 0–24
Q2: 0–17 (0-41)
Q3: 0–15 (0-56)
Q4: 6–19 (6-75)

Top Scorers
Clarence (#12) – 3 points (1 x 3-pointer)

North Vista
Sim Yi (#5) – 13 points (1 x 3-pointer)
Chan Qi Feng (#7) – 12 points (2 x 3-pointers)
Dorian Chin (#9) – 10 points

Serangoon Roster
Chester (#4), Isaac (#5), Josh (#6), Gavis (#7), Jansen (#8), Bryan (#9), Wai Sheng (#10), Xander (#11), Clarence (#12), Nigel (#13), Dennis (#14), Eston (#15).

North Vista Roster
Vincent Gerard (#4), Sim Yi (#5), Terry Tong (#6), Chan Qi Feng (#7), Javier Ng (#8), Dorian Chin (#9), Willie Tan (#10), Pravin Kumar (#11), Reuben Amado (#12), Justin Chiam (#13), Jarren Neo (#14), Lim Cheng Hong(#15)

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