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Chua Kai Xuan (Catholic High #11) takes a shot. Chua led his team to victory with a game high 26 points. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Thursday, July 9, 2015 — Catholic High (CH) defeated Hougang Secondary (HG) 112–12 to secure a second round spot in the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship.

Catholic High have yet to concede a single game.

Chua Kai Xuan (CH #11) led his team to victory with a game-high 26 points, while teammate Twu Pin An (CH #14) contributed 17. Daryl Poh (HG #5), Daryl Jiang (HG #10) and Kyler Ho (HG #11) contributed three points each for Hougang.

Through a full court defensive press and stable fundamental plays, Catholic High raced to a 57–6 lead at the end of the half. Despite Hougang’s efforts, they were not able to keep up with Catholic High.

Catholic High had no sign of fatigue as they continued with a full court defensive press after the break. They also managed to score more points in this quarter. Hougang, on the other side, managed to keep up with Catholic High’s pace despite not making many shots.

Joshua Lim (CH #7) said, “We played really well as a team and we defended very well. There were a lot of fast breaks too. So far, we’ve won all our games. We hope to make it to the national final.”

Scoring by Quarter
Catholic High vs Hougang
Q1: 25–2
Q2: 32–4 (57–6)
Q3: 18–4 (75–10)
Q4: 37–2 (112–12)

Catholic High Roster
Lim Jing Jie (#4), Lai Yee Teng (#5), Jon Tan (#6), Joshua Lim (#7), Gideon Lam (#8), Justin Lee (#9), Evan Teh (#10), Chua Kai Xuan (#11), Goh Yi Heng (#12), Jordan Wong (#13), Twu Pin An (#14), Dylan Tan (#15)

Hougang Roster
Jasper Loo (#4), Daryl Poo (#5), Lee Zhun Yang (#6), Terry Ho (#7), Hong Chee Liang (#8), Goh Lai En (#9), Daryl Jiang (#10), Kyler Ho (#11), Lim Jin Hen (#12), Nigel Chew (#13), Lee Lian Zheng (#14), Benig Jed (#15)

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