Story by Ellis Yap/Red Sports. Photos by Lee Jian Wei and Clara Yuan/Red Sports

Nur Inysirah (#7) of Meridian Junior College and So Jia Min (#10) of River Valley High School fight for possession of the ball. (Photo © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Nur Inysirah (#7) of Meridian Junior College and So Jia Min (#10) of River Valley High School fight for possession of the ball. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Yishun Sports Hall, Thursday, May 14, 2015 — Meridian Junior College (MJC) beat River Valley High School (RVHS) 6-1 to win the National A Division Girls’ Floorball Championship.

MJC caught fire right from the start of the game in front of a roaring crowd. Just less then a minute into the game, MJC went 1–0 up through Adeena Bte Mohamed Nagib (MJC #33). Adeena sneaked behind the RV defenders to get an open look after a sweet pass from her teammate.

Alfie Kwa (MJC #36) got a clean look off a free-hit from the sideline, swatting a fast ball past the RVHS goalkeeper to widen the MJC lead to 2–0.

A scramble involving Celine Koh (MJC #9) and Janessa Kong (MJC #14) with a few RV players resulted in yet another MJC goal after the ball ended up rolling past the goalkeeper right under her nose. The goal was awarded to Celine Koh (MJC #9).

RVHS fought back, scoring their first and only goal late in the first quarter through Lim Qian Hui (RVHS #8), trimming their deficit to 1–3.

Careless defense got RVHS into trouble when an open Vannessa Yeo (MJC #21) sent the ball into the net for MJC to finish the first period ahead 4–1.

Both teams went back and forth through the second period but neither found any breakthrough and the score remained unchanged.

RVHS scrambled both on offense and defense as they tried to get back into the game. However, they could not seem to find an answer with the clock ticking down.

MJC kept pounding on RVHS even with their 4–1 lead. MJC then moved a step closer to their title when Adeena scored the fifth goal of the game with less than seven minutes left on the clock.

Celine Koh (MJC #9) scored the final goal in the closing moments of the game to put the game on ice.

Captain, Ho Lin Xuan (MJC #23) said, “I am really honored to be given a chance to lead the team throughout the season. We showed what we were capable of doing and we did well right from the start of the game.”

Vice-captain of MJC, Adeena (MJC #33), added, “We prepared ourselves well before this game. We learnt from our previous mistakes as we’ve always had trouble starting the game well. This time round, we started the game well and we carried the momentum throughout the game. I’d also like to thank my mother for showing the support throughout the season; coming to attend my games.”

Scoring by period

1st period: 4–1
2nd period: 4–1 (0–0)
3rd period: 6–1 (2–0)


Celine Koh (#9) – 2 goals
Vannessa Yeo (#21) – 1 goals
Alfie Kwa (#36) – 1 goal
Adeena Bte Mohamed Nagib (#33) – 2 goals

Khwang Jing Chun (#6) – 1 goal

MJC Roster
Adeena Bte Mohamed Nagib (#33), Bernice Foo (#11), Celine Koh (#9), Claudia Tan (#28), Dewi Syaza Bte Aminuddin (#1), Gene Tok Kai Lin (#15), Ho Lin Xuan (#23), Janessa Kong (#14), Nichole Khoo (#24), Alfie Kwa (#36), Nur Insyirah Bte Hasim (#7), Nurul Raudha Bte Mohamad Rafi (#17), Rachel Teo (#12), Ramya D/O Ganesan (#18), Sakinah Bte Omar Alkhatib (#27), Vannessa Yeo (#21), Wai Xin Yi (#3), Shirley Wang (#5), Serene Wong (#13)

RVHS Roster
Tan Sze Teng (#1), Ng Wei Qi (#2), Jayne Lim (#3), Tham Si Mun (#5), Khwang Jing Chun (#6), Adeline Ang (#7), Lim Qian Hui (#8), Eilace Nyeo (#9), So Jia Min (#10), Yu Yang Xue (#11), Tiffany Halim (#12), Cheryl Lee Wei Lin (#13), Desiree Low (#14), Sophie Tan (#15), Pearlwin Koh (#16), Owi Li Ting (#17), Tan Jia Wen (#18), Westine Juay (#19), Khoo Yong Lin (#20)

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