Story by Clara Yuan/Red Sports. Photos by Lee Jian Wei and Clara Yuan/Red Sports

Raffles Institution share a moment after teammate Foo Jun Wei (#17) scored the opening goal. (Photo © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Raffles Institution share a moment after teammate Foo Jun Wei (#17) scored the opening goal. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Yishun Sports Hall, Thursday, May 14, 2015 — Raffles Institution (RI) rode a strong first period effort to beat Victoria Junior College (VJC)_ 4–2 to retain the National A Division Floorball Championship title.

For VJC, this is their first appearance in the final since 2013. They finished fourth last year.

The two teams had met earlier during the group stage where they drew 1–1. To get to the final, VJC had beaten Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) 2–0 in one semi-final while RI saw off Meridian Junior College (MJC) 2–1.

Tng Zong Wei (#88) led RI with two goals while Josiah Lim (#3) scored both goals for VJC.

The game started off with a fast pace as both teams alternated possession and were trying shots one after another. RI drew first blood in a highly physical game, with Foo Jun Wei (#17) smashing the opener in halfway into the first period.

RI rode on their momentum to score another through Zong Wei (#88) with a wrap around goal to extend their lead to 2–0. With two minutes left, Muhammad Amirul Afiq (#45) scored a goal with his proficient stickwork to give RI a 3–0 lead heading into the second period.

In the second period, RI had more possession but a defensive VJC prevented them from finding the back of the net. Josiah (#3) of VJC managed to break through RI’s defence to score the first goal for his team with four minutes left to reduce the deficit to 1–3.

The last period saw VJC desperately trying to come back but RI’s defence held.

With three minutes left in regulation time, Zong Wei (#88) of RI scored a long range goal to make it 4–2 and send the RI crowd into raptures. However, VJC never gave up and managed to score a last goal through Josiah (#3) but RI’s victory was assured.

RI captain, Amirul (#45), said, “We came into the game with no expectations but high confidence in ourselves. It was an uncertain game for us with a 50-50 chance and we took our chances.”

On the season, Amirul added, “It was a season full of ups and downs but we just kept on going according to our plan. I would like to thank the supporters, teammates who trusted me, coaches and teachers.”

Zong Wei (RI #88) added, “I think our team performed very well in today’s game, where we managed to score early and stay composed to play our own game. We were really hungry for goal at the start and thus managed to score three.”

VJC captain, Luqmanul Haziq (#4), said, “It was a hard fought game and we have to admit that they were the better team in today’s game. At the same time, I’m very proud of my team, we worked very hard and we have no regrets. It was a meaningful season for us, where it helped everybody in our team grow, as a team, with each other, to learn from another. I’m very grateful for this team.”

Scoring by Period
1st Period: 3–0
2nd Period: 0–1 (3–1)
3rd Period 1–1 (4–2)

Tng Zong Wei (#88) – 2 goals
Foo Jun Wei (#17) – 1 goal
Muhammad Amirul Afiq – 1 goal

Josiah Lim (#3) – 2 goals

RI Roster
Sean Jou (#1), Julian Quak (#3), Kenny Goh (#7), Seah Toh (#8), Joshua Teo (#9), Ethan Lim (#10), Ng Juin Jie (#11), Shaun Pua (#13), Nicholas Ho (#14), Daniel Ong (#16), Foo Jun Wei (#17), Brian Tan (#18), Kamal Hariz (#19), Silas Choe (#22), Muhammad Haziq (#29), Muhammad Amirul Afiq (#45), Justin Tan Tse (#60), Jared Tan (#71), Tng Zong Wei (#88), Gerald Peh (#92)

VJC Roster
Selwin Yong (#2), Josiah Lim (#3), Luqmanul Haziq (#4), Tan Yuan Rong (#5), Warren Song (#6), Issac Chi (#7), Jesher Chua (#10), Sylvester Siew (#13), Joshua Boh (#14), Dominic Choo (#15), Muhammad Fauzi (#16), Muhammad Ariff (#17), Muhammad Nuradam Shah (#18), Bryan Koh (#19), Joshua Tan (#22), Muhammad Haziq (#23), Wong Ee Chan (#30), Tan Rui Yang (#31), Muhammad Imran (#33), Poon Chong Ming (#73)

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