Story by Jiexin Neo/Red Sports. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Muhammad Aizuddin (GSS #7) charges past Bukit Batok’s defence. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

Physical Education and Sports Education Branch, Thursday, February 12, 2015 — Greenridge Secondary (GSS) defeated Bukit Batok Secondary (BBSS) 81–7 for their second straight win in the National B Division Rugby Championship.

Greenridge had previously defeated Naval Base Secondary (NBSS) in their first group game in the preliminaries. Bukit Batok had previously gone down 7–42 to Evergreen Secondary (EVG) in their first group game.

Greenridge played a strong offensive game right from kickoff, with Muhammad Irsyaduddin (#10) taking the lead during attacks as he was strong on runs in the whole first half and spun past his defenders time and time again. Irsyaduddin outran his defenders to touch down for the first try of the game (5–0).

Bukit Batok on the other hand, were unable to match Greenridge’s offensive speed and allowed them a 41–0 scoring run by halftime.

In the second half, Bukit Batok’s scoring chance came when Adriel Goh (#17) received a well-placed pass from his teammate. The path to the goalline was clear but the Greenridge defenders were quick to react, surrounding Adriel even before he made the run.

For Greenridge, every player on the field was a threat and this was difficult for Bukit Batok to defend. As such Greenridge continued scoring tries one after another to consistently add to the scoresheet.

Down 69–0, a momentarily lapse in Greenridge’s defence allowed Zachary Hua (BBSS #8) to score the first try for his team. Edward Philip (BBSS #5) converted to make it 7–69.

In the remaining duration, Greenridge added two more tries to end the game 81–7 winners.

Greenridge captain, Jing Heng (#8), said, “It was a fun game for us and it was a rather interactive game for both teams. I think we still need to improve on our communication as we had a lot of dropped balls during the game. Our aim for this season is to get Bowl Champions as we were only runners-up last year.”

Bukit Batok captain, Adriel (#17), said, “It was our usual game. I’m glad that towards the end of the game we managed to put together a play to score the try. I think that within the team, we need to encourage one another more.”

Scoring by half
Greenridge vs Bukit Batok
1st half: 41–0
2nd half: 40–7 (81–7)

Greenridge Roster
Muhamad Iskandar B Ismail (#2), Nur Mohammad Syafiq B Haji J (#3), Muhammad Rauf Syahir S/O M K (#4), Chua Yong Leh (#5), Muhammad Dandiyar B Mohamed R (#6), Muhammad Aizuddin B Kamsani (#7), Muhammad Zulhakeem B Amir (#8), Firman Firdaus B Mohd Fazil (#9), Muhammad Irsyaduddin B J (#10), Muhammad Irfan B Amran (#11), Tok Jing Heng (#12), Brendan Edward Raj (#14), Mohamad Syafiq B Mohamad Said (#15), Glenn Neo Jia Yu (#16), Chow Jun Yi (#17), Kughan S/O S Yogendran (#18), Muhammad Danial Hakim B S (#20), Fikri Akmal B Mohammed S (#21), Amsyar Masrur B Aduka (#22), Muhammad Afif Bin Rosli (#24), Muhamad Azmin B A’azman (#25), Azhad B A’zmi (#26), Muhammad Danish B Jalil (#27), Romie Naufal B Ramle (#29), Muhammad Danial B Saimi (#31), Atif Akashah B Akhbar Shah (#70), Muhammad Syahid B Shafrudin (#71), Muhammad Yusof Bin Mohammed Iszam (#81)

Bukit Batok Roster
Tan Chin Sheng Benjamin (#1), Md Syabil (#3), Edward Philip Torreta Monteagudo (#5), Soh Wei Xian (#6), Adrain Quek Jun Jiang (#7), Zachary Hua (#8), Md Sajahan B Abd Talib (#12), Haziq Irfan B Effandi (#15), Adriel Goh Bing De (#17), Md Ali Akbar Khan S/O MIK (#18), Tsai Ming Feng (#20), Md Faiz B Md Fauzi (#22), Md Huzairie B Md Hisham (#24), Chua Rui Heng (#26), Yee Kai Damien (#27), Lim Seow Chong, Ryan Ng Jun Wei, Nur Muhammad, Ma Jinlin, Sia Yee Chong

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