Story by Jasmine Goh/Red Sports. Photos by Lim Yong Teck and Clara Yuan/Red Sports

NUS IHG Handball Final Temasek Hall vs Raffles Hall

Chen Xiaojuan (#5) of Raffles Hall controls the ball against Temasek Hall. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

National University of Singapore, Thursday, January 22, 2015 — Defending champions Temasek Hall (TH) beat Raffles Hall (RH) 12–10 in the National University of Singapore (NUS) Inter-Hall Games Handball Championship.

Tan Bee Leng (TH #9) led her team with a game-high 10 goals, while Marie-Theres (RH #18) had five.

It was a highly commendable performance put up by both teams with their outstanding team chemistry and resilience throughout the match.

Both teams started off warily. Chen Xiao Juan (RH #5) found the breakthrough for her team, cutting into the gap of TH’s defence and scoring the first goal of the game. Ei Xue Han (#13) scored the first goal for TH with her sleek cut-in past her defenders.

The game was physically intense. Low Yuling (RH #13) drew an early yellow card minutes into the game. Soon after, Jassy Teo (RH #1) was awarded the first two minute penalty of the game. Taking advantage of the situation, Bee Leng (TH #9) displayed her shooting threat with her successive 9m attempts and scored two goals for her team.

A successful penalty shot by Marie-Theres (#18) gave RH a 5–4 lead at half time.

In an effort to interrupt TH’s shooting momentum, RH went on to challenge their opponents by going for the contact and clamping their opponents down. This proved effective for them as many blocked shots were made in the second half.

A wing shot at the far pole by Xiao Juan (RH #5) extended RH’s lead to 8–5 just before a timeout was called.

After the timeout, TH stepped up their defense and were determined to come back from the three-point deficit. Their drives were much more effective and the team’s morale was boosted after RH’s shooting threat Marie-Theres (#18) was awarded a two-minute penalty.

TH took advantage to tie the game at eight apiece with three consecutive goals – a penalty shot by Bee Leng (#9) and two successful cut-ins by Xue Han (#13). TH’s goalkeeper Ho Min Pei (#21) also made many good saves to prevent RH from adding onto the scoreboard.

RH continued to give their opponents strong fight and tried their best to upset TH’s flow and composure. However, TH went on to score three consecutive goals by Xue Han (#13) and Bee Leng (#9) in quick succession.

Marie-Theres (RH #18) managed to pull off both her 9m attempts to reduce TH’s lead to 11–10.

The game ended off with a penalty shot by Bee Leng (TH #9), who converted it to clinch the championship title before the final whistle.

Score by half
Temasek Hall vs Raffles Hall
1st half: 4–5
2nd half: 8–5 (12–10)

Top Scorers
Temasek Hall

Tan Bee Leng (#9) – 10 goals
Ei Xue Han (#13) – 3 goals

Raffles Hall
Marie-Theres Koeckeis (#18) – 5 goals
Chen Xiao Juan (#5) – 3 goals

Temasek Hall Roster
Reena Sim (#2) Nur Shuhadah (#5) Sherlyn Tham (#7) Cheryl Koh (#8) Tan Bee Leng (#9) Trini Tan (#10) Joey Lee (#11) Ei Xue Han (#13) Tan Yen Yi (#15) Melissa Tam (#17) Ho Min Pei (#21) Goh Qin Yu (#25) Ang Qing Ying (#27) Shannon Yeo (#36)

Raffles Hall Roster
Ang Ju Hui (#1) Ng AiLan (#2) Isabella Chan (#4) Chen Xiao Juan (#5) Tey Jaslin (#6) Lee Zanelle (#7) Marie-Theres Koeckeis (#8) Koh Wenning (#11) Low Yuling (#13) Tan Willy (#16) Sharlene Chan (#21) Lee Qian Yi (#22) Teo Jassy (#27) Clarissa Yap (#90)

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