SEA Water Polo (Women): Singapore bring down Malaysia 18–6

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Story by Jiexin Neo/Red Sports. Photos by Matthew Lau/Red Sports

SEA Swimming Championship Water Polo WMNS Singapore vs Malaysia

Lynnette Tan (SIN #8) scores a goal for Singapore. (Photo 1 © Matthew Lau/Red Sports)

OCBC Aquatic Centre, Monday, June 16, 2014 — Singapore dominated Malaysia 18–6 in the Southeast Asian Swimming Championships, clinching their first win after a loss to Thailand yesterday. Both teams will meet again tomorrow in the semi-final.

Tan Su-Lynn (SIN #3), Neo Ser Han (SIN #7), Lynnette Jane Tan (SIN #8), Loke En Yuan (SIN #9) and Cheryl Khoo (MAS #12) all had a game-high three goals.

At the start of the game, Singapore’s Loke En Yuan (#9) found Tan Su-Lynn (#3) with the ball, and she converted effortlessly to score the first goal (1–0). From there, strong team effort allowed them to score three unanswered goals to push their lead to 4–0.

Following Adelyn Yew’s (SIN #5) exclusion, Malaysia’s Cheryl Khoo (MAS #12) scored one to make it 1–4. Then on, Adelyn (SIN #5) connected well on En Yuan’s (SIN #9) pass twice in a row, and converted well against her defender to make it 6–1. Su-Lynn scored another one thereafter to give Singapore a 7–1 lead.

As Singapore were putting up an aggressive defence, Malaysia were unable to break through to get the ball near the post, and had to settle for shots at a distance. However, this was not a problem for Cheryl (MAS #12) as she fired one in to break Singapore’s streak (2–7).

In the final minute, En Yuan (SIN #9) received the ball during an offensive play to tie up the first quarter with a goal (8–2).

En Yuan (SIN #9) played with good defence in the second quarter to stop Malaysia’s offensive plays on several occasions, and also linked up well with her teammates during attacks. She scored one goal this quarter. Singapore goalkeeper Low Seet Teng (#1) also saved many shot attempts in the second quarter, denying Malaysia of a third goal. Singapore led 13–2 going into the halftime break.

Singapore’s Denise Chen (#10) opened the scoring for the second half with a quick backhand shot (14–2).

Then on, goalkeeper Seet Teng (SIN #1) was excluded and Mary Kan (SIN #4) took over the goalkeeping duties. Malaysia’s Cheryl (#12) took the chance to try for a shot, but her attempt was blocked away by Mary (SIN #4). Neo Ser Han (SIN #7) was excluded shortly after and Malaysia’s Low Jia Yee (#8) was awarded a penalty. She converted to make it 3–14.

Ser Han (SIN #7) was excluded again after that and Cheryl (MAS #12) took the chance to fire one past Seet Teng (SIN #1) to trail 4–14. Singapore managed to score two more goals to take a 16–4 lead at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Malaysia goalkeeper Yee Chuin (#1) made good efforts to deny Singapore’s shots, and as such Singapore faced a scoring drought. They only managed to score one through Su-Lynn (#3) five minutes into the game. Under Yee Chuin’s (MAS #1) alert goalkeeping, Malaysia managed to match Singapore’s two goals in the fourth quarter, but it was too late as an early build-up of points allowed Singapore to take the game 18–6.

Singapore will be meeting Malaysia in the semi-final again tomorrow.

Singapore captain, Su-Lynn (#3), said, “It was a good game for us. With a scoreline like that it’s definitely good. So tomorrow we’ll be playing against the Malaysians again, and we’ll probably work around our tactics. It’ll be a good lead-up for us to play the final against Thailand.”

Scoring by Period
Singapore vs Malaysia
Q1: 8–2
Q2: 5–0 (13–2)
Q3: 3–2 (16–4)
Q4: 2–2 (18–6)

Top Scorers
Tan Su-Lynn (#3) – 3 goals
Neo Ser Han (#7) – 3 goals
Lynnette Jane Tan (#8) – 3 goals
Loke En Yuan (#9) – 3 goals

Cheryl Khoo (#12) – 3 goals

Singapore Roster
Low Seet Teng (#1), Koh Ting Yi Gina (#2), Tan Su-Lynn (#3), Mary Kan Enci (#4), Yew Adelyn Yanxiang (#5), Loh Huihui Valerie (#6), Neo Ser Han (#7), Tan Hui Ying Lynnette Jane (#8), Loke En Yuan (#9), Chen YiWei Denise (#10), Tan Hui Ning Sheryl (#11), Lim Wenxin (#12), Eunice Karina Fu Yu Min (#13)

Malaysia Roster
Yap Yee Chuin (#1), Shirleen Khoo Mei Jee (#2), Yap Hua Hui (#3), Mak Sin Sin (#4), Lim Jia Xin (#5), Lee Yiat Mon (#6), Izyan Syaza Binti Abd Halim (#7), Low Jia Yee (#8), Peh Jia Min (#9), Selene Chew Xiang Ling (#10), Trisha Then Chiah Huey (#11), Cheryl Khoo Minn Jee (#12), Alicia Chin Tze Ling (#13)
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