By Matthew Lau/Red Sports

national a division softball vjc vs rvhs

Gracie (RVHS #21) slides into home. (Photo 1 © Matthew Lau/Red Sports)

Bedok Green Secondary School, Monday, May 19, 2014 — River Valley High School (RVHS) came back in the last inning to clinch their first National A Division Softball Championship title with a 9–6 victory over Victoria Junior College (VJC).

RVHS drew first blood in the first inning with Gracie (RVHS #21) coming home after reaching first base on a dropped third strike. VJC responded with Shin Yi (#27) and Su Fang (#21) scoring a run each to take a 2–1 lead. Emma (VJC #10) flew out to centre field, and the inning ended with Jia Hui (RVHS #24) stranded on third base.

After picking up an easy three up, three down, VJC went on to score two more runs in the second inning to open up a 4–1 lead.

RVHS scored two runs in the top of the third with Jia Hui (RVHS #24) hitting a triple to reduce the VJC lead to one run. However, Cheryl (VJC #13) hit a home run to start off the bottom of the fourth inning, giving VJC a 5–3 lead.

RVHS came back in the top of the fifth with Gracie (RVHS #21) hitting a triple. She then scored on a fielder’s choice on a ground ball by Janice (RVHS #20). Janice (RVHS #20) scored the tying run after to make it 5–5.

Soon after, Jing Xuan (RVHS #11) and Jia Hui (RVHS #24) scored before VJC were able to get the first out on a ground ball by Naomi (RVHS #13). RVHS went on to score two more runs to secure a 9–5 lead.

With a four-run deficit, VJC started off the bottom of the fifth inning with Su Fang (VJC #27) hitting a single past the shortstop. Nicole (VJC #7) followed with a single over the third baseman. With runners on base and no outs, RVHS got two consecutive outs, allowing Su Fang (VJC #27) to score.

RVHS then issued an intentional walk to Cheryl (VJC #13) to get the ground out from Rachel (VJC #39) to end the game with a 9–6 victory.

RVHS captain, Vivian (#33), said, “I’m proud of the team. We managed to stage a comeback. VJC is a worthy opponent. This is our first time winning the championship.”

VJC pitcher, Su Fang (#21), said, “We put on a strong fight against them and we have no regrets as we played as a team. I would like to thank our supporters, seniors and coach.”

Gracie – 2
Janice – 2
Jing Xuan – 2
Jia Hui – 1
Lyn – 1
Isabelle – 1

Shin Yi – 2
Su Fang – 2
Cheryl – 1 (Home Run)
Rachel – 1

Score by Inning
1st Inning: 1–2
2nd Inning: 1–4
3rd Inning: 3–4
4th Inning: 5–3
5th Inning: 9–6

RVHS Roster
Gracie (#21), Janice (#20), Jing Xuan (#11), Jia Hui (#24), Naomi (#13), Lynn (#17), Isabelle (#1), Maggie (#6), Sze Min (#3), Vivian (#33), Zhi Jun (#22), Jolyn (#14), Milly (#27)

VJC Roster
Tan Shin Yi (#27), Grace (#8), Su Fang (#21), Nicole Chan (#7), Emma Tang (#10), Sharlyn (#23), Diyana (#57), Cheryl (#13), Rachel Tang (#39), Natalie Ong (#11), Shanley (#33), Aiyun (#28), Ida (#42), Yi En (#14)

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