Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by REDintern Louisa Goh


Ho Lin Xuan (MJC #80) handles the ball against Sandra Tan (VJC #18). (Photo 1 © REDintern Louisa Goh)

Victoria Junior College Sports Hall, Thursday, May 8, 2014 — Defending champions Meridian Junior College (MJC) beat Victoria Junior College (VJC) 9–1 in the preliminary round of the National A Division Girls Floorball Championship.

This was MJC’s opening game of the season while for VJC, this is their first defeat after two opening wins over Raffles Institution (2–1) and Millennia Institute (10–1).

VJC held MJC in check for the first period to trail only one goal (1–2) but MJC pulled away in the next two periods to seal the win.

After a couple of unsuccessful shots, captain Mindy Lim (MJC #6) scored the first goal six minutes into the match. Adeena (MJC #33) saw the opportunity for a shot and scored the second for a 2–0 lead.

Joon Han Yi (VJC #7) gave her team hope and the home crowd something to cheer about with a goal in the last two minutes of the first period to reduce the deficit to one goal (1–2).

MJC scored four unanswered goals in the second period. Mindy Lim (MJC #6) got her second and MJC’s third for a 3–1 lead. Despite Phoebe Ong (MJC #27) getting a 2-minute penalty, that did not stop MJC as Jocelyn Lee (MJC #7) went on to score two goals back-to-back, before Nurin Syaurah Bte Amir Hamzah (MJC #19) made it 6–1 to round off the scoring in the second period.

Aggressive play in the early stages of the third period saw Belinda Goh (VJC #11) being given a 2-minute penalty. MJC took advantage with Adeena (MJC #33) scoring her second goal, and teammate Nurin Syaurah (MJC #19) quickly followed up with another goal, bringing the score to 8–1.

Jocelyn (MJC #7) rounded off the scoring for MJC to seal an emphatic win.

Captain Mindy Lim (MJC #9) said, “I think we did pretty well, like in the first period all the way to the third period. I think our team got a bit flustered in the first two periods, but we got hold of ourselves in the third period, so I think we did pretty well. I think we have to be tougher because we still really cannot handle well a lot of physical (aspects), so for the next game, we would want to work on our physical as well as our speed.”

Scores by period
Period 1: 2–1
Period 2: 4–0 (6–1)
Period 3: 3–0
Final Score: 9–1

MJC roster
Ng An Ning (#2), Tan Shu Ming Vernis (#3), Nur Insyirah Bte Hasim (#4), Lim Zhi Yu Mindy (#6), Jocelyn Lee Xin Yi (#7), Christabel Tan Xin Yi (#8), Celine Koh Jing Xian (#9), Peggy Chan Pei Chi (#11), Ariel Shia Wen (#12), Janani Aarthi Karthikeyan (#13), Low Hui Juan (#14), Nurul Raudha Bte Mohamad Rafi (#17), Nurin Syaurah Bte Amir Hamzah (#19), Vannessa Yeo Swee Sze(#21), Ng Xin Min (#23), Shen Weixian (#26), Phoebe Ong (#27), Ho Hui Ting (#28), Adeena Bte Mohamed Nagib (#33), Ho Lin Xuan (#80)

VJC roster
Shamirah D/O A’Azman (#1), Pae En Qi (#2), Danyel Ong Wei (#4), Joon Han Yi (#7), Gracia Lee Jia En (#8), Nur Hazirah Bte Ridzwan (#9), Tam Wai Pan (#10), Goh Si Qian Belinda (#11), Ong Yee Hwee (#13), Toh Jia Jing Abigial (#14), Sandra Tan En Ting (#18), Teo Yun May Nicole (#19), Jeon Hye In Michelle (#20), Zhen Fei Han Alrissa (#21), Yip Jang Yee Christy (#22), Natalie Tham (#23), Crystal Hong Zhen Ting (#24), Ong Jia Min (#28), Pearl Wong Chin Chin (#29), Tasha Ng Chi En (#33)

National A Division Girls Floorball Championship – fixtures and results

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