Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by REDintern Louisa Goh


Selwin Yong (VJC #88) controls the ball against Tung Hao Yuan (TJC #71). Selwin scored two goals during the game. (Photo 1 © REDintern Louisa Goh)

Victoria Junior College Sports Hall, Thursday, May 8, 2014 — Victoria Junior College (VJC) beat Temasek Junior College (TJC) 4—2 in the preliminary round of the National A Division Floorball Championship.

This was VJC’s third win in a row after an opening loss to Raffles Institution and they now have a 3–1 win-loss record. For TJC, this was their season opener.

Three minutes into the game, Tan Yuan Rong (VJC #3) scored the opening goal to cheers from the enthusiastic home crowd. Selwin Yong (VJC #88) then scored the second goal for VJC merely two minutes later.

Midway through the first period, a scuffle eventually resulted in Lloyd Teo (VJC #14) receiving a 2-minute penalty. In the last 50 seconds of the period, Tung Hao Yuan (TJC #71) scored the first goal for TJC to make it 1–2.

However, Nicholas Low (VJC #80) and Selwin Yong (VJC #88) scored one goal each to ensure VJC had a comfortable 4–1 lead to take into the final period.

TJC threatened a comeback when Hao Yuan (TJC #71) scored TJC’s second within the first 3 minutes of the period but strong defense by both teams meant there were no further scoring.

Captain Edmund Pun (VJC #10) said, “It was definitely a tough match. They (TJC) gave us a good match but ultimately we emerged victorious because I believed that we played our own game and we stuck to our game plan. There are periods in the match in which we lose our focus, and we definitely need to improve on this because we keep getting those easy-to-miss flaws which we cannot afford to do so in the later round so I believe we have to focus throughout the whole game.”

Scores by period
Period 1: 2–1
Period 2: 2–0 (4–1)
Period 3: 0–1
Final Score: 4–2

TJC roster
Lai Jia Li (#2), Iman Heizer Pua (#3), Lim Xuan Yu Ashley (#6), Er Shengwei Jeremiah (#12), Gavin Ng Joon Hui (#14), Marvin Chang Guang Wei (#15), Hayat B Zailan (#18), Ow Jie Ying (22), Reuben Tay Si Wei (#23), Lauw Wei Zhong (#24), Ng Jyn Wayne (#25), Lim Cong Hao Darren (#29), George Tristan (#36), Tan Wei Nathaniel (#44), Lim Kian Wee Charles (#56), Tung Hao Yuan (#71), Lee Xiang Zheng (#77), Amir Syafiq B Abu Baiere (#92), Ong Jia Le (#93), Jonathan Leng Yi Jian (#94),

VJC roster
Tan Yuan Rong (#3), Arifin B Mohamad Laili (#5), Darryl Sim Jun Hui (#7), Muhammad Naufal Zahin (#9), Chew Yu Ren (#11), Luqmanul Haziq Bin Kamarudin (#13), Teo Jun Hao Lloyd (#14), Dion Tan Jin Wei (#17), Nicholas Yeo Jia Wei (#18), Jaryl Gan Han Sheng (#20), Woon Tian Jun Richard (#21), Tan Kuan Yang (#22), Ngiam Kee Yong Joel (#23), Teo Shen Kan Benjamin (#25), Joshua Tan Yan Xiang (#28), Tan Rui Yang (#77), Nicholas Low Jia Jun (#80), Song Warren (#87), Selwin Yong Zhiyou (#88), Josiah Lim Jia Jiunn Yutaro (#89)

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