Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by REDintern Louisa Goh


Lee Jin Hao (MJC #80) handles the ball against Jireh Tan (HCI #14). (Photo 1 © REDintern Louisa Goh)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 — Meridian Junior College (MJC) beat Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) 5—1 in the preliminary round of the National A Division Floorball Championship.

With their opening 7–0 win over Yishun Junior College, MJC now have a 2–0 win-loss record. For HCI, this was their first game of the season.

Abdul Ra’uf B Abdul Rahman (MJC #45) scored the first goal for MJC in a heated match that saw a scuffle in the first period, with Justin Lim (HCI #6) given a 2-minute penalty.

Amsyar B Noor Ariffin (MJC # 11) scored the second goal for MJC with two minutes left before Darrell Tan (HCI #7) reduced the deficit with a successful shot within the last 30 seconds of the first period.

In the second period, it was the turn of Syed Omar B Syed Alwee Albahar (MJC #7) to suffer a 2-minute penalty but MJC went further ahead with Muhammad Jazli B Yuszane (MJC #21) scoring two goals.

Amsyar B Noor Ariffin (MJC # 11) scored the final goal of the match for MJC early in the third period which saw the most number of penalties. Nigel Yeo (HCI #15) was first given a 2-minute penalty in the 5th minute. Three minutes later, he repeated the offence and was thrown out of the game. Seow Jing Ye (HCI #2) was also given a 2-minute penalty in the last minute of the match.

Muhammad Yusuf B Zainudin (#74), captain of MJC, said, “They (HCI) were actually quite defensive, so it was actually quite hard for us to get the goals, and we weren’t playing that well in my opinion. But I believe my boys had tried their best to get this win even though we can improve on a lot of things.”

Score by Period
Period 1: 2–1
Period 2: 2–0 (4–1)
Period 3: 1–0
Final Score: 5–1

MJC roster
Lee Yong Jian (#2), Mohammed Aliasgar (# 5), Muhammad Nurhadi b Taha (#6), Syed Omar B Syed Alwee Albahar (#7), Siah Jing Ze (#8), Xu Junwen (#9), Mohamad Aliff B Mohamad Ali (#10), Muhammad Amsyar B Noor Ariffin (#11), Tan Wei Xing Vincent (#13), Lim Wei Jie (#15), Sam Liw Yao En (#17), Yu Jun Lin Aaron (#18), Lee Jun Jie (#20), Muhammad Jazli B Yuszane (#21), Muhammad Hamizan B Ismail (#28), Abdul Ra’uf B Abdul Rahman (#45), Faruq Yunis Alsagoff (#46), Oh Zheng Yong Justin (#50), Mohamad Murhakiem B Mohamd R (#71), Muhammad Yusuf B Zainudin (#74), Lee Jin Hao (#80), Muhammad Nasbulhaq B Mohamed O (#88)

HCI roster
Tang Kai Gi (#1), Seow Jing Ye (#2), Seah Wei Ren (#3), Lee Wei Zhi (#4), Reynold Yap Wen Sheng (#5), c (#6), Darrell Tan Keng Yang (#7), Tan Kuang Ian (#8), Garreth Lee Kun Ying (#9), Mervin Nathan Lim Han Hui (#10), Er Jia Chin (#11), Huang Chenghao (#12), Pu Chenfeng (#13), Tan Jin Kiat Jireh (#14), Yeo Zheng Yi Nigel (#15), Choo Hong Wei (#16), Lim Wee Kiat Nicholas (#17), Leon Ng Joo Keat (#18), Bay Hong Kai (#19), Wang Ri Xin (#20), Chan Zhi Xian (#21), Tan Yen Ming Nicholas (#27)

National A Division Floorball Championship – fixtures and results

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