Story by REDintern Lynn Chia. Photos by Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports

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Players from both sides try to catch the ball. (Photo 1 © Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic, Tuesday, April 22, 2014 — Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) beat Anderson Junior College (AJC) 77–47 in their opening game in the National A Division Netball Championship. ACJC were the champions for last year’s tournament.

Early into the game, both teams appeared to be evenly-matched as they vied to outperform each other. However, ACJC broke away to take on an early 19–11 lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, AJC displayed lacklustre defence with poor team coordination. Their ineffective communication on court also resulted in misplaced passes, squandering their scoring opportunities. ACJC on the other hand exploited AJC’s weak defensive efforts to go on scoring streaks. ACJC’s Goal Shooter played a vital role in pacing her team’s offensive plays with good shots conversion, allowing ACJC to pull away to 40–20 going into the halftime break.

In the third quarter, AJC put up a tough fight and made more fluid passes. This allowed them to reduce the deficit. However, this was not sufficient to draw even with ACJC. Instead of letting their guard down with a strong lead on hand, ACJC became more pro-active during attacks, running all over the court to widen their passing options. Also, the lethal WA-GA-GS passing combination gave them easy goals. ACJC then led 58–33 going into the final quarter.

The last quarter saw AJC strive for ball possession. Their fighting spirit paid off as they managed to pin down ACJC in their defensive half, then capitalizing on the turnovers earned to score points. However, despite AJC’s late offensive efforts, an early ACJC scoring outburst allowed them to win 77–47.

Score by Quarter
1st Q: 19–11
2nd Q: 21–9 (40–20)
3rd Q: 18–13 (58–33)
4th Q: 19–14 (77–47)
Final score: 77–47

Anglo-Chinese Junior College Roster
Xin Yi, Amanda, Jody, Vivian, Shakila, ALesha, Lisha, Millie, Jia Xuan, Dorothy

Anderson Junior College Roster
Rachel, Jerlyn, Sri, Venessa, Shu Qing, Jia Wei, Yin Xing, Jolie, Zi Wei, Brenda, Xin Yi, Jasmine

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