Story By Zachary Foo/Red Sports. Photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

Inter-Tertiary Canoeing Competition 2014 Women's T1 200m

Karsandra Tian of SIM in action. Karsandra was the Women’s T1 victor with a timing of 58.30. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

MacRitchie Reservoir, Saturday, March 22, 2014 — Karsandra Tian of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) took gold in the T1 200m category at the Tertiary Canoeing Championships. Tan Kee Chuan of National University of Singapore (NUS) edged out teammate Wu Jun Ping to clinch gold in the men’s division.

Karsandra clocked a time of 58.30 seconds to win gold. Cynthia Claire of Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) finished in 1:13.54 to claim second, while her teammate Siti Suhaila finished in third with a time of 1:13.79.

Kee Chuan claimed gold with a time of 50.64 seconds, his teammate Jun Ping followed closely behind with a time of 51.02. Jedrick Ng of Singapore Polytechnic finished third, clocking 51.76 seconds.

Women’s T1 200m Final
1st Karsandra Tian (SIM) — 58.30
2nd Cynthia Claire (SIT) — 1:13.54
3rd Siti Suhaila (SIT) — 1:13.79

Men’s T1 200m Final
1st Tan Kee Chuan (NUS) — 50.64
2nd Wu Jun Ping (NUS) — 51.02
3rd Jedrick Ng (SP) — 51.76
4th Daniel Wong (NUS) — 52.03
5th Raymond Seet (SP) — 53.05
6th Ng Kai Yong (SIM) — 55.39

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