Story By Zachary Foo/Red Sports. Photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

Inter-Tertiary Canoeing Competition 2014 Women's K2 1000m

NTU’s Joey Goh and Deborah Saw clinched the Women’s K2 1000m gold with a timing of 4:27.76. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

MacRitchie Reservoir, Saturday, March 22, 2014 — National University of Singapore (NUS) clinched gold over both the 200m and 1000m distances in the men’s K2 division at the Tertiary Canoeing Championships. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) repeated the same feat in the women’s division.

In the Men’s K2 1000m, Ho Hinyang and Shawn Lim of NUS Team 1 clocked a time of 3:51.40 to win the division. Mervin Lim and Collin Tan of Singapore Institute of Management Team 1 followed closely behind with a time of 3:52.84. Shao Fei and Lim En Ping of NUS Team 2 rounded up the podium with a time of 3:55.63.

In the Men’s K2 200m, Lam Weng Ngai and Joseph Goh of NUS Team 1 followed in the footsteps of their teammates, clocking 35.12 seconds to win. Teo Weikok and Bryan Loy of NTU Team 2 finished second with a time of 35.77, while Jason Goh and Stanley Lim of Republic Polytechnic posted a time of 36.23 to take the bronze.

Joey Goh and Deborah Saw of NTU Team 1 clocked 4:27.76 in the K2 Women’s 1000m to start things off for NTU. Shona Chan and Tan Wei Wen of NUS Team 1 settled for silver with a time of 4:28.64, while Constance Ng and Tessa Tan of NTU Team 2 took bronze with a time of 4:49.29.

In the Women’s K2 200m, Soh Szeying and Cassandra Lee sealed the double by posting a time of 48.07 seconds to win the final. Shermaine Tung and Collette Seow of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Team 1 followed close behind in a time of 50.12, while Tessa Tan and Regine Chew of NTU Team 2 combined to clinch bronze with a time of 51.02.

Women’s K2 200m Final
1st NTU Team 1 (Soh Szeying, Cassandra Lee) — 48.07
2nd SP Team 1 (Shermaine Tung, Collette Seow) — 50.12
3rd NTU Team 2 (Tessa Tan, Regine Chew) — 51.02
4th NUS Team 1 (Rachel Tan, Tan Jia Yin) — 51.27
5th NUS Team 2 (Louise Tan, Felicia Lee) — 51.54
6th SIM Team 1 (Dilys Zheng, Tay Hui Ping) — 56.62

Men’s K2 200m Final
1st NUS Team 1 (Lam Weng Ngai, Joseph Goh) — 35.12
2nd NTU Team 2 (Teo Weikok, Bryan Loy) — 35.77
3rd RP Team 1 (Jason Goh, Stanley Lim) — 36.23
4th NTU Team 1 (Lee Chee Hao, Zachary Scotts Wu) — 37.09
5th SP Team 1 (Edwin Lee, Benjamin Neo) — 37.69
6th SIM Team 2 (Sean Edward Spruyt, Kelvin Ho) — DNF

Women’s K2 1000m Final
1st NTU Team 1 (Joey Goh, Deborah Saw) — 4:27.76
2nd NUS Team 1 (Shona Chan, Tan Wei Wen) — 4:28.64
3rd NTU Team 2 (Constance Ng, Tessa Tan) — 4:49.29
4th NUS Team 2 (Kimberly Chin, Choo Xin Yi) — 4:52.37
5th SP Team 1 (Amelia Sue Pickering, Edna Chew) — 4:56.62
6th NYP Team 1 (Erika Hui, Rebecca Lee) — 4:57.84

Men’s K2 1000m Final
1st NUS Team 1 (Ho Hinyang, Shawn Lim) — 3:51.40
2nd SIM Team 2 (Mervin Lim, Collin Tan) — 3:52.84
3rd NUS Team 2 (Shao Fei, Lim En Ping) — 3:55.63
4th NTU Team 1 (Lim Jiaqing, Alan Tan — 4:06.20
5th SP Team 2 (Raymond Seet, Jerrick Ng) — 4:13.52
6th NP Team 1 (Andy Ang, Albert Chang) — 4:13.85

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