Story By Zachary Foo/Red Sports. Photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

Inter-Tertiary Canoeing Competition 2014 Women's K1 1000m

Suzanne Seah of NTU in action. Suzanne finished with a timing of 4:40.19 to take home the Women’s K1 1000m gold medal. Suzanne also won gold in the K1 200m to take home the double. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

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MacRitchie Reservoir, Saturday, March 22, 2014 — Suzanne Seah of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) did the double in the 200m and 1000m distances in the Women’s K1 division at the Tertiary Canoeing Championships.

Suzanne won her 1000m race in a time of 4:40.19, before clocking 48.27 seconds in the 200m to clinch her second gold.

Colette Seow of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) followed closely behind in the K1 1000m with a time of 4:52.54, while Chua Bi Qi of National University of Singapore rounded out the podium with a time of 4:53.03.

In the K1 200m, Christine Chia of Nanyang Polytechnic finished second with a time of 51.23, while Shermaine Tung of SP clocked 52.89 to claim the bronze.

In the Men’s K1 1000m, Benjamin Low of Republic Polytechnic (RP) won in a time of 4:05.36. Shawn Lim of NUS took silver with a time of 4:06.82, while Luke Yap of NTU took bronze with a time of 4:09.81.

In the Men’s K1 200m, John Tan of NTU edged out Jeffrey Chuang of NUS by three milliseconds to win gold. John clocked a time of 41.49, while Jeffrey settled for second with 41.52. Muhammad Hairul of Singapore Institute of Management took the bronze with a time of 43.57.

Women’s K1 200m Final
1st Suzanne Seah (NTU) — 48.27
2nd Christine Chia (NYP) — 51.23
3rd Shermaine Tung (SP) — 52.89
4th Cheryl Tay (NTU) — 53.23
5th Diane Chua (SIM) — 53.54
6th Natalie Choo (SIM) — 58.35

Men’s K1 200m Final
1st John Tan (NTU) — 41.49
2nd Jeffrey Chuang (NUS) — 41.52
3rd Muhammad Hairul (SIM) — 43.57
4th Ng Yong Boon (NUS) — 43.82
5th Chua Han Ming (NTU) — 46.23
6th Stanley Lim (RP) — 47.68

Women’s K1 1000m Final
1st Suzanne Seah (NTU) — 4:40.19
2nd Colette Seow (SP) — 4:52.54
3rd Qua Bi Qi (NUS) — 4:53.03
4th Constance Ng (NTU) — 4:56.38
5th Christine Chia (NYP) — 5:10.05
6th Shona Chan (NUS) — DQ

Men’s K1 1000m Final
1st Benjamin Low (RP) — 4:05.36
2nd Shawn Lim (NUS) — 4:06.82
3rd Luke Yap (NTU) — 4:09.81
4th Teo Chuon Ming (SIM) — 4:11.73
5th Ernest Tan (RP) — 4:27.84
6th Loh Chi Jie (NUS) — 4:28.70

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