Story By Zachary Foo/Red Sports. Photos by REDintern Rebekah Abbott


(Outram #13) goes for a layup, while Sean Yap (HSS #15) attempts to stop him. (Photo 1 © REDintern Rebekah Abbott)

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Guangyang Primary School, Wednesday, February 5, 2014 — Henderson Secondary School (HSS) weathered a sloppy offensive effort to beat Outram Secondary 44–22 in the first round of the South Zone B Division Boys Basketball Championship. Ho Sheng Yang (HSS #8) paced all scorers with a game-high 16 points.

The first quarter was a battle of attrition, both teams were scrambling to find points that came few and far between. Outram had no success in the half-court set, netting their initial points via free throws. Henderson took many shot attempts up close, but only a few fell for them. This allowed them to garner a slim 8–6 margin heading into the second quarter.

Henderson started to press more intensely in the second quarter, which allowed them to generate steals. Outram, on their part, allowed momentary lapses get to them, resulting in turnovers. Henderson went on a 14–0 run to start the period, which helped them to extend the lead going into the half-time break.

Offence sputtered to a halt in the third quarter as both teams found it difficult to put the ball in the basket. Henderson’s superior defence allowed them to maintain their advantage in the period, as Outram only broke their scoring duck after four minutes in the quarter.

The final quarter was a foregone conclusion, as both teams took things down a notch. With the lead too big for Outram to overcome, they gave in as the match transitioned into ‘garbage time’. Henderson maintained the lead and ended the match with a 44–22 margin. This win gives Henderson a fighting chance of qualifying for the second round, with their upcoming match against Bartley Secondary deciding their fate.

Henderson captain, Amus Khoo (#7) said, “The match was quite competitive, but we fooled around too much though. We are still trying to qualify for the second round, so we need to tighten up. We have to improve on our teamwork as well as our attitude during games.”

Outram captain, Hang Quan (#7) said, ” It was a little disappointing. Our goal is just to make the second round of the championship. In my four years in Outram, I have not been to the second round. We have to improve on defence for our upcoming games.”

Scoring by Quarter
Henderson vs Outram
1st Quarter: 8–6
2nd Quarter: 14–4 (22–10)
3rd Quarter: 8–3 (30–13)
4th Quarter: 14–9 (44–22)

Top Scorers
Henderson Secondary
Ho Sheng Yang (#8) – 16 points

Outram Secondary
(#13) – 11 points

Henderson Secondary Roster
Chua Ming Han (#4), Xu Yu Peng (#5), Lim Jun Cen (#6), Amus Khoo (#7), Ho Sheng Yang (#8), Jeremy Too Sing Leong (#9), Lee Jun Yi (#10), Jonas Zhuang Ziyi (#11), Ng Xi Heng (#12), Rusdy Rokhmanko (#13), Jonathan Ming Auyong Dornel (#14), Sean Ryan Yap Jun Hao (#15)
Outram Secondary Roster
Jang Jae Ik (#1), Reynard Mun (#2),Low Chor Hoong (#3), Kenneth Lee (#4), Liew Jia Hau (#5), Jeremy Tan Jia Hao (#6), Ang Hang Quan (#7), Mohamed Kamil Musabardeen (#8), Alex Tuan Minh (#9), Li Yan (#10), Kenji Wong (#11), Delos Reyes Reign Christian (#12)

We are unable to confirm the jersey numbers for the Outram squad. If you recognise your friends in the photos, please comment below and we will gladly change them.

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