North Zone B Div Bball (Girls): Nan Chiau defeat Northbrooks 78–5

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By REDintern Clara Yuan


(NBS #5) attempts to block Tan Xiuyi (NCH #10). (NBS #5) was the top scorer for her team. (Photo 1 © REDintern Clara Yuan)

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Singapore Basketball Center, Wednesday, January 29, 2014 — Nan Chiau High School put up a dominating performance against Northbrooks Secondary to win 78–5 in the North Zone B Division Girls’ Basketball Championship.

Nan Chiau started the first quarter with strong offensive plays, displaying good team chemistry. They set the pace of the game and capitalised on fast break which allowed them to convert their chances whenever they gained possession of the ball. Cherlyn Teo (#7) and Tan Xiuyi (#10) scored eight and nine points respectively, allowing Nan Chiau to lead by a large margin.

In the second and third quarters, Nan Chiau kept up their momentum on both ends, led by Eng Mun Ling (#11), who scored a total of 12 points. They employed tight man-to-man defence on Northbrooks to force turnovers and earn several fast break opportunities.

Northbrooks showed signs of life after the break and were able to move beyond their single point up until then with Northbrooks (#5) clocking in two consecutive underbasket shots. However, Nan Chiau continued with their strong offensive play and eventually sealed the game with a 78–5 win.

Nan Chiau’s captain Mun Ling commented, “We practiced a lot on our formations and managed to use them. We aim to get into the top four placing but since we lost previously to North Vista, it is harder for us to do so. However, we are willing to put in the hard work needed to secure a top four spot.”

Scoring by Quarter
Nan Chiau High vs Northbrooks
1st Quarter: 21–0
2nd Quarter: 22–1 (43–1)
3rd Quarter: 18–0 (61–1)
4th Quarter: 17–4 (78–5)

Top Scorers
Nan Chiau
Eng Mun Ling (#11) – 18 points
Teo Shi Ting Cherlyn (#7) – 18 points

Northbrooks Sec
(#5) – 5 points

Nan Chiau High Roster
Avernia Quak Xue Min (#4), Siah Yoon Ting Wivina (#5), Yeong Li Ning (#6), Teo Shi Ting Cherlyn (#7), Lim Wen Sin (#8), Cheryl Chang Jia Hui (#9), Tan Xiuyi (#10), Eng Mun Ling (#11), Lim Hui Min (#12), Ng Xue Ying (#13), May Lim Jia Jia (#14), Chloe Tan Xinyi (#15)

Northbrooks Secondary Roster
We do not have the team roster for Northbrooks Secondary. If anyone knows who the players are, let us know and we’ll update the post.

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