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ivp touch football finals

Joelyn Khoo (SIM #23) dives in to score a try. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

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Nanyang Polytechnic, Friday, January 24, 2013 — Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) clinched the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Touch Football Championship title after defeating defending champions Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in the final.

SIM’s Jazreel Tan (#3) scored a game-high four tries while NTU’s Angela Yap (#14) tallied a team-high three.

SIM dominated throughout the tournament, outscoring their opponents by an average of eight points.

NTU started the first half well, scoring two straight tries from Angela (#14) and Yvonne Lin (#7). SIM managed to keep their cool and quickly turned the tables around to equalize the game at two points apiece. With about four minutes remaining in the first half, Angela (#14) penetrated the tight defence to score another try, giving NTU a slim one-point lead.

SIM executed excellent passes to move the opposition’s defence around and scored three straight tries, ending the first half with a 5–3 lead.

A minute into the second half, NTU’s Angela (#14) scored a quick try off SIM’s defensive lapse to reduce the deficit to a single point. With seven minutes left to play, Angela Ang (#17) scored a try, extending SIM’s lead to two points (7–5). SIM never looked back from then and went on to score two more tries to win the game 9–5.

NTU captain Geraldine Chai (#19) commented, “We came into the game playing our best, but we lost our composure after a while. They (SIM) were the better team tonight.”

SIM captain Catherine Chng (#10) said, “We were prepared, but also a little anxious. I think the team performed really well. Everyone kept their heads up despite being down two at the start of the game. We wanted to win the championship because we did not manage to in the past two seasons.”

In the bronze-medal game, Nanyang Polytechnic defeated Singapore Polytechnic 3–2, giving them their first medal after a five-year drought.

Scoring by Period
1st Period: 3–5
2nd Period: 2–4 (5–9)

Top Scorers
Nanyang Technological University
Angela Yap (#14) – 3 tries

Singapore Institute of Management
Jazreel Tan (#3) – 4 tries

NTU Roster
Ang Chiu Lee (#1), Jezlyn Wee Jia En (#3), Lee Yi Lin Joleen (#5), Lin Cuiwen Yvonne (#7), Sheralin See Kai Li (#8), Chern Hui Shan (#9), Weng Yile (#11), Jasveen Sidhu (#12), Soh Hui Yan Isadora (#13), Angela Yap Xue Qi (#14), Chong Hui Min (#16), Esther Loh Jun Hui (#17), Cai Miao (#18), Chai Jia Ling Geraldine (#19)

SIM Roster
Lim Shi Yun Odelia (#1), Eudora Yap Jing Fen (#2), Jazreel Tan (#3), Adelin Ang Hui Min (#5), Clare Chung Mei Wen (#6), Chua Kaiwen Beatrice (#7), Natasha Yeo Yui Jie (#8), Debbie Ng Ning (#9), Catherine Chng (#10), Kimberley Tan Rou Qi (#11), Tan Tze Ting Teri (#12), Eunice Chu Jia Hui (#13), Angela Ang Hui Pin (#17), Joelyn Khoo Kai Xin (#23)

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