Story By REDintern Jiexin Neo. Photos by Joseph Lee/Red Sports


Clara Chua (NUS #3) managing to get Violet Chua (TP #10) off her back with a screen set by Alanna Lim (NUS #10). (Photo 1 © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

NTU Sports and Recreation Centre, Friday, January 24, 2014 — Temasek Polytechnic (TP) denied National University of Singapore (NUS) a spot in the finals with a 46–29 win.

Shermaine See (TP #11) registered a game-high 14 points, while Chee Shi Ya (NUS #20) put up a team-high eight.

TP showed dominance from the start of the game with their team chemistry. They were on the lookout, unselfishly making good passes to their unguarded teammates who then converted.

NUS, on the other hand, had a few mis-passes but they were focused on defence and were able to bring TP’s scoring down to a minimum.

NUS started off the second quarter with an impressive play, making undistracted passes from one end of the court to the other to reach Shi Ya (NUS #20), who then netted a three. TP were strong in the paint with aggressive rebounding efforts from Priscilla Han (TP #13) and Zoe Eng (TP #6).

TP had a couple of free throw chances in this quarter to extend their lead, but could not take advantage of the opportunity due to a low conversion rate. Shermaine (TP #11) was also very hardworking, going on strong drives and going up for rebounds whenever she was in the key.

Alanna Lim (NUS #10) played a crucial role in the second half, with impressive offensive and defensive efforts. She also put up a few screens for her teammates, who made it past their defenders for easy baskets. Also, NUS’s good defence in the third quarter forced several mis-passes and travelling issues for their opponents. Good team effort allowed NUS to keep the score close, as they matched TP’s eight points in the quarter to trail 25–31 going into the fourth.

TP were on fire in the final quarter, with outstanding performances from Priscilla (TP #13) and Shermaine (TP #11) who totalled 12 points. NUS came back in the final minutes with their full-court press and managed to intercept a few passes which led to transition offenses, but they were only able to put up a total of four points and conceded the game 29–46.

TP captain Shermaine See (#11) said, “I think the team’s defence was good, but we didn’t cherish our chances during attacks. I don’t think it’s our best performance. For finals, I guess we could improve on the team’s confidence and also try to convert our shots.”

NUS captain Shuhadah (#17) said, “I don’t think we did a good job. I guess we weren’t too bad at the start, but then everyone started losing focus. Defensively the team didn’t give up and we also tried chasing back the points. For the 3rd/4th placing match we are definitely going to play our game.”

Scoring by Quarter
1Q: 12–7
2Q: 11–10 (23–17)
3Q: 8–8 (31–25)
4Q: 15–4 (46–29)
Final score: 46–29

Top Scorers
See Kai Ting Shermaine (#11) – 14 points (1 x 3 pointer)
Priscilla Han Meiqi (#13) – 12 points
Violet Chua Zi Qi (#10) – 11 points (1 x 3 pointer)

Chee Shi Ya (#20) – 8 points (1 x 3 pointer)

TP Roster
Sin Man Yi (#1), Vinnie Koh Yan Ying (#3), Tung Kah Hui (#4), Pauline Ang Siew Ting (#5), Zoe Eng (TP #6), Janice Ong Chin Hwee (#7), Jowilly Siew Mei Kit (#8), Gillian Leong Kah Kay (#9) Violet Chua Zi Qi (#10), See Kai Ting Shermaine (#11), Tan Ying Yi (#12), Han Meiqi Priscilla (#13), Tan Yue Ting (#21), Michelle Chew Jia Er (#24), Lee Hui Xin (#26)

NUS Roster
Tan Xin Yi Vanessa (#1), Tan Yen Yi (#2), Chua Xing Fang Clara (#3), Tan Hsiang Yi (#4), Law Wei Ning (#5), Toh Sherlin (#6), Seah Kai Chyi Eva (#7), Wong Yun Ping Tammy (#9), Lim Rui Jia Alanna (#10), Ong Jia Min (#13), Tan Yi Lin (#14), Oon Zi Gui (#15), Nur Shuhadah Bte Mohamed A G (#17), Umi Amirah Bte Marzuki (#19), Chee Shi Ya (#20)

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