By REDintern Jasmine Goh

sp vs rp invitational handball games

Kyle Lee (#12) of Singapore Polytechnic scores against Republic Poly. He had a game-high six goals in the win. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)

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Singapore Polytechnic, Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – Defending champions Singapore Polytechnic (SP) overcame Republic Polytechnic (RP) 28–14 for their first win in the 3rd Invitational Handball Games.

SP took the first two points with Joseph Hoo’s (#10) wing shot and a cut-in by Kee Chong (#7). However, RP were quick to bounce back with two consecutive shots by Jing Li (#26), followed by a Chun Hua (#4) cut-in, putting RP in a 3-2 lead.

SP redeemed themselves by capitalizing on their fast breaks and went on to score four consecutive goals. In an effort to interrupt SP’s shooting momentum, RP went on to challenge their opponents by going for the contact and clamping their opponents down.

However this tactic saw RP get three yellow cards in the first half through Chun Hua (#4), Asyraf Jumale (#25) and Benjamin Lau (#9). Subsequent warnings were given in the form of a two-minute penalty, the first of which was awarded to Jing Li (#26) of RP. SP took advantage of the situation and scored two consecutive goals in quick succession, ending half-time 15–7 in the lead.

SP stepped up their intensity in the second half by disrupting RP’s attacking flow and causing them to force their options. Eventually, RP were called for passive play by the referee, causing a turnover. (A passive play is called if, in the referee’s opinion, the team who has possession of the ball has not made a clear move to attack the opponent’s goal.)

In the last few minutes of the game, RP’s right winger Benjamin Lau (#9), unfazed by SP’s defensive press, scored three consecutive goals. SP’s pivot, Kyle Lee, was the top scorer of the match with six goals as the team eventually won the game with a 14-point margin.

“RP settled down in the first half much faster than we did for today’s match,” said SP vice-captain Brandon Khoo (#9).

“Our conversion rate for our shooting attempts and start-up could have also been better,” added SP captain Thiam En (#8).

“Today’s game was much better than all our previous games,” said Jeremy Ng (#7), captain of RP. “I felt that our defense was much tighter and we went out to engage our opponents more. All in all, it was a good fight from both teams today.”

Top Scorers
Singapore Polytechnic
Kyle Lee (#12) – 6 points

Republic Polytechnic
Koh Jing Li (#26) – 4 points
Benjamin Lau (#9) – 4 points

GK Stats
Yeu Czech Den (#16): 10/20 shots saved (50% save rate)
Jeremy Koh (#19): 0/4 shots saved (0% save rate)

Soo Auen (#12): 10/38 shots saved (26.3% save rate)

SP Roster
Harry Htet Ye Yint Naing (#1), Toh Milton (#2), Ng Yong Rae (#3), Jordan Tay (#5), Teo Kee Chong (#7), Lim Thiam En (#8), Brandon Khoo (#9), Joseph Hoo (#10), Bryan Lee (#11), Kyle Lee (#12), Jonathan Chuang (#13), Yeu Czech Den (#16), Koh Jie Wei Jeremy (#19), Daryl Ng (#20), Alex Lim (#21), Lee Shyh Woei (#22)

RP Roster
Randy Tan (#1), Oscar Ooi (#3), Chun Hua (#4), Jeremy Ng (#7), Edward Lau (#8), Benjamin Lau Junqi (#9), Soo Auen (#12), Pritpal Singh (#14), Wilson Tan (#17), Qaimarul Jeffrey (#19), Asyraf Jumale (#25), Koh Jing Li (#26)

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