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acjc vs mi

Lee Ting Hui (#5) of MI lays up for two over the challenge of Hazel Lim (#6) of ACJC. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Clementi Sports Hall, Friday, April 26, 2013 — Millennia Institute (MI) defeated Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) 48–31 to enter the second round of the National A Division Basketball Championship.

MI put up a full-court press to lead 10–6 five minutes into the first quarter. Aryassa Jumadin (#4) of MI performed well in this quarter with her swift lay-ups to widen the lead for her team. Both teams traded points on the scoreboard but MI eventually led 14–9 after the first quarter due to their better accuracy.

Another lay-up by MI’s Aryassa (#4) opened the second quarter. Teammate Lee Ting Hui (#5) scored another basket at five minutes to extend their lead to 20–9. ACJC could not hold on to the ball and lost much possession due to stolen rebounds. Despite their captain Hazel Lim (#6) fighting hard to get past the MI defenders, ACJC remained scoreless for the whole quarter as it ended 28–9 in MI’s favour.

Gabie Yong (#9) of MI opened the second half with her basket in the paint. Samantha Wong (#5) then scored ACJC’s first basket after a 12-minute drought. MI’s Lee Ting Yi (#8) ended their celebration with her shot and a subsequent assist to teammate Gabie (#9) in the paint. However, a determined ACJC team converted more attacks and trailed MI 21–36 to end the quarter.

The last quarter opened with consistent teamwork between MI’s forward Ting Yi (#8) and center Gabie (#9) to score several baskets in the paint. Gabie (#9) was instrumental in dominating the under-baskets for this quarter. ACJC’s Hazel (#6) sunk a foul-in with 20 seconds left and teammate Ang Kah Hui (#10) scored a buzzer-beater to concede the game 31–48 to MI.

ACJC’s captain Hazel, a former netball player who only joined basketball in J1, was satisfied with the game.

“We are a very fresh team, (with some of the players) from non-sports CCAs previously and very few with experience. We really pushed ourselves this round. Despite being rather flimsy for the first half, we fought back and managed to double the score in the end,” said Hazel.

Score by Quarter
1st Quarter: 14–9
2nd Quarter: 14–0 (28–9)
3rd Quarter: 8–12 (36–21)
4th Quarter: 12–10 (49–31)

MI Roster
Aryassa Jumadin (#4), Lee Ting Hui (#5), Alina Bte Ad (#6), Iffah Ahmad (#7), Lee Ting Yi (#8), Gabie Yong (#9), Sheryl Tan (#10), Teo Yan Ling (#11), Quek Yi Xian (#12), Kim Yi Young (#13), Cassandra Tan (#14), Maverlyn Low (#15)

ACJC Roster
Wong Chiew Ling (#4), Samantha Wong Xin Yee (#5), Hazel Lim Si Min (#6), Dorothy Chng Mui Guek (#7), Joan Tessalonika (#8), Lynn Ho Shu Ning (#9), Ang Kah Hui (#10), Jessica Tee Chien Ling (#11), Kelly Ng Hui Lee (#12), Patricia Chua Jia Ying (#13), Shanice Chia Cheng Ting (#14), Liu Jia Qi (#15)

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