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adiv bball vjc vs nyjc

Vivian (NYJC #5) drives against Wai Yee (VJC #11). (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)


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Clementi Sports Hall, Friday, April 26, 2013 — Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) beat Victoria Junior College (VJC) 44–22 to enter the second round of the National A Division Girls Basketball Championship.

A fast-break from NYJC commenced this deciding match which determined the team that would advance to the second round. NYJC went on an 8–0 run during the first seven minutes of the game, with VJC’s Tee Woan Chin (#10) eventually halting it with her first basket. Teammate Amanda Lim (#9) sank in both her free throws, ending the quarter at 4–10 to NYJC.

NYJC returned aggressively in the second quarter, especially with strong play from Si Xu Vonguranish (#6). Despite VJC’s Amanda (#9) sinking in both her free throws, Si Xu (#6) of NYJC simply replied with two of her own. Teammate Adeline Phua (#10) led NYJC to finish the quarter 21–11 with her jumper.

The second half opened with an impressive three from VJC’s Amanda (#9) but was quickly matched by two baskets from Adeline (#10), which extended NYJC lead’s to 29–16. Valiant but unconverted attempts from VJC saw them trailing 17–32 when the quarter ended with a two from Amanda (#9).

Tan Xiao Ting (#11) of NYJC fought her way through the VJC zonal defence to sink in the starting lay-up of the last quarter. After a time-out from VJC, a determined Amanda (#9) came back to score an under-basket. However, VJC still struggled to convert shots in the paint whilst NYJC took hold of every fast-break opportunity.

NYJC went on to win the match 44–22, hence qualifying for the second round of the championship.

Leong Jin Wen (#8), captain of NYJC, was pleased with the win.

“Our team played very well and we played much harder, improving a lot. The conversion rate was higher and we aim to reach the top four for this year’s championship,” said Jiu Wen.

Score by Quarter
1st Quarter: 4–10
2nd Quarter: 7–11 (11–21)
3rd Quarter: 6–11 (17–32)
4th Quarter: 5–12 (22–44)

Top Scorers
Lim Zhi Yan Amanda (#9) — 14 points (1 x 3 pointer)

Tan Li Min (#7) — 10 points

VJC Roster
Lau Yan Shan(#4), Lee Qing Yi(#5), Anjali Pradipbhai Anadkat (#6), Chong Jia Min Winnie (#7), Eunice Sng Hui Xian (#8), Lim Zhi Yan Amanda (#9), Tee Woan Chin (#10), Wong Su Lin Daphne (#11), Kong Wai Yee (#12), Neo Hui Ting Wendy (#13), Sheen Chick Si Kar (#14), Kum Ke Ying (#15)

NYJC Roster
Winnchis Yap (#4), Vivian Han Zi Qi (#5), Si Xu Vonguranish (#6), Tan Li Min (#7), Leong Jiu Wen (#8), Tiew Jia Ling (#9), Adeline Phua Shi Lin (#10), Tan Xiao Ting (#11), Shaynnie Phoe Yong Yin (#12), Valerie Ong (#13), Audrey Tay Yu Shyan (#14), Xue Yong Xin (#15)

Note: Many thanks to the NYJC basketballer Vivian Han who painstakingly helped to collate the namelists for both the NYJC boys and girls teams.

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