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mjc vs tjc a div football

Navin Farhan Mohan (#19) of MJC powers his header into goal over the challenge of Aaron Liau (#10) of TJC. Navin scored two goals in the game. (Photo 1 © REDintern Marcus Quek)


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Temasek Junior College, Tuesday, April 9, 2013 — Meridian Junior College (MJC) defeated Temasek Junior College (TJC) 4–0 in the first round of the National A Division Football Championship for their second win of the season.

Michael Paul Hendrick (#20) of MJC made the first attempt at goal but the shot was saved by Temasek’s keeper Kevin Kim (#1), who made more than just a few significant saves in the game.

Unfortunately, moments after the save, a TJC player scored an accidental own goal to give MJC a 1–0 lead. Soon after, Faizal (#10) of MJC gave his team a 2–0 lead from a corner.

Bryant Tan (#21) of MJC then had a free kick that was punched clear by Kevin Kim in the TJC goal.

Entering the second half with a 2–0 lead, Meridian had a close shave when Jun Hui Ho (#8) of Temasek almost scored after he followed up on a free kick by teammate Nicholas Thong (#2). Fortunately for MJC, keeper Nicholas Lee (#1) managed to save.

While TJC’s defence proved resilient with Ashwin Kumar Menon (#5) standing out, they just could not hold the ball long enough to attack. Meanwhile, while MJC held possession for the most part of the game, they could not translate it into meaningful attacks that tested the Temasek keeper.

MJC finally made a breakthrough as the game wound to an end. Navin Farhan Mohan (#19) scored two quick goals as the TJC defence buckled under the constant pressure. Ashwin had a chance for a consolation goal when Temasek won a rare free kick but he blazed the free kick over the bar.

Kelvin Chan (#6), captain of MJC, felt that his team did not play well and it was not their usual standard.

“Temasek played with their heart and their home support was really strong as they were behind them all the way. They (Temasek) really played a good match and they deserve a better result,” said the MJC captain.

“As for us, we will definitely have to improve more to go further and achieve our goal of being champions. This would be our fourth consecutive title if successful,” added Kelvin.

Kelvin said that St. Andrew’s Junior College, Victoria Junior College and Anglo-Chinese Junior College are the strongest competitors this season and wished them all the best in their games.

Jing Hong Lim, the TJC captain, felt that it had been a tough game against Meridian and his team had expected that.

“I feel that my team gave their best and we are proud of our performance today,” said Hong Lim.

“Meridian is a great team and a wonderful team to play against because of the things that we can learn from them. Each year, they would have a really strong squad with quality players who play excellent football. Much credits to them today for a good game and win,” said a magnanimous Hong Lim.

“We are here to fight, to give our best and never give up,” added the captain as he spoke of his team’s goal to qualify for the next round as one of the top two teams in the group.

Meridian vs Temasek
1st half: 2–0
2nd half: 2–0 (4–0)

Faizal (#10) — 1 goal
Navin (#19) — 2 goals

Meridian Roster
Nicholas Lee (#1), Elijah Yeo (#3), Abdul Mteen bin Mohamed Nagib (#4), Muhammad Faiz bin Mohd Basir (#5), Kelvin Chan (#6), Syabil Anwar bin Badrul Hisham (#7), Nazri bin Nordin (#8), Johnny Phua (#9), Mohamed Faizal bin Mohamed Raffi (#10), Muhammad Faisal s/o Md Malik (#11), Alan Yap (#12), Ernest Teh (#14), Hilman Aqil bin Mohd Shari (#15), Ahmad Afiq bin Adam (#17), Joel Chan (#18), Navin Farhan Mohan (#19), Michael Paul Hendrick (#20), Bryant Tan (#21), Haritharan Shamin Kumar (#23), Muhammad Syafie bin Makmor (#25)

Temasek Roster
Kevin Kim (#1), Nicholas Thong (#2), Enoch Loy (#3), Galen Ng (#4), Ashwin Kumar Menon (#5), Daryl Leong (#6), Timothy Tan (#7), Jun Hui Ho (#8), Jing Ren Tan (#9), Aaron Liau (#10), Koh Meng Shuen (#11), Nikki Yong (#12), Reika Putra (#13), Henry Lai (#14), Jing Hong Lim (#15), Cedric Tan (#16), Jordan Chen (#17), Yong Zuo Goh (#18), Pan Zai Xiang (#19), Liu Ming Hao (#20), Yuen Deng Cheng (#21), Sazqil (#22), Jowie Tung (#23), Kenzi Foo (#24)

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