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scgs vs rgs south zone bball

Woon Wei Jing (SCGS #12) blowing past her defender. Wei Jing had a game-high 28 points, including 5 treys. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)


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Jurong East Sports Hall, Monday, March 11, 2013 — Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) defeated Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) 64–41 to take home the South Zone B Division Championship.

It was SCGS’ fourth straight zonal title over the same opponents. SCGS were strong on the boards throughout the game despite their bigger RGS counterparts.

SCGS’s captain Woon Wei Jing (#12) led all scorers at 28 points while RGS’s Tamara Lie Pin (#6) had a team-high of 12 points.

SCGS started the game strong with a 6–0 run just four minutes into the first quarter.

An RGS timeout sparked a run that saw them take the lead at a point (9–8). However, Bernice Yeo (#4) of SCGS followed with a quick three to snatch a two-point lead (11–9).

The game saw both teams competing neck-and-neck with RGS ending the quarter with a one-point, 15–14 lead.

The second quarter saw a tight game with multiple lead changes. Wei Jing (#12) of SCGS helped extend the lead to three points (26–23) with a trey but RGS responded with a quick layup to trim the SCGS lead to a point, with just under six minutes to play.

With less than four minutes on the clock, SCGS played excellent defence and forced RGS into turnovers. With SCGS capitalising on steals and fast break baskets, RGS could not respond and could only look on. Wei Jing (#12) dominated with a seven–point burst to help SCGS end the half with a 10–point lead (35-25).

In the third quarter, RGS fought hard for steals and forced turnovers from SCGS, but unfortunately, they could not convert their shots. Both teams matched each other point for point on the scoreboard and SCGS led 47–36 at the end of the third.

In the final quarter, RGS reduced the SCGS lead to eight points (49–41) within a minute of play. However, RGS incurred costly turnovers and SCGS dominated the possession of the ball. However, SCGS could not convert their baskets.

With just five minutes to play, a layup by Charmaine Koh (#13) ended the SCGS scoring slump and sparked a 15-0 run to seal the win for the girls in white.

“It was a tough fight, and everyone played well. Even though we were at the losing end during the first half of the game, we eventually pulled through for the win,” commented the SCGS captain, Woon Wei Jing (#12).

“We’re happy even though we lost and everyone gave their best effort,” said RGS captain, Nicole Ashley Soepranoto (#14).

She added: “We gained a lot of experience from the entire season and learned that we have to fight till the end for everything. Despite our loss today, we’ll definitely come back stronger, so check us out during the Nationals!”

Score by Quarter
1st Quarter: 15–14
2nd Quarter: 20–11 (35–25)
3rd Quarter: 12–11 (47–36)
4th Quarter: 17–5 (64–41)

Woon Wei Jing (#12) – 28 points (5 x 3 pointers)
Charmaine Koh Xuan Min (#13) – 16 points
Bernice Yeo Yin Siew (#4) – 7 points (1 x 3 pointer)
Ong Li Ping (#15) – 6 points
Rachel Mok Wai Ean (#6) – 3 points
Low Yi Xuan (#11) – 2 points
Sevilla Chea Wei La (#14) – 2 points

Tamara Lie Pin (#6) – 12 points
R Shalleeni (#15) – 8 points
Nicole Ashley Soepranoto (#14) – 8 points
Syahirah Humaira Bte Amrun (#10) – 6 points
Adeline Lee Ching Ying (#11) – 6 points
Zheng Tongxin (#12) – 1 point

SCGS roster
Bernice Yeo Yin Siew (#4), Chloe Alphonso (#5), Rachel Mok Wai Ean (#6), Carisia Lee Jia Yu (#7), Lim Yin Yan (#8), Lin Yi Han (#9), Tay Dao Rou (#10), Low Yi Xuan (#11), Woon Wei Jing (#12), Charmaine Koh Xuan Min (#13), Sevilla Chea Wei La (#14), Ong Li Ping (#15)

RGS roster
Priyadharshini d/o Chockalingam (#4), Tan Zi Ling Jolene (#5), Tamara Lie Pin (#6), Yang Wei Yun Lily (#7), Khoo Yuqing Michal (#8), Goh Ming Wei (#9), Syahirah Humaira Bte Amrun (#10), Adeline Lee Ching Ying (#11), Zheng Tongxin (#12), Thasnova Rahman Thamim (#13), Nicole Ashley Soepranoto (#14), R Shalleeni (#15)

2013 South Zone B Division Girls’ Basketball Championship — fixtures and results

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