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deyi vs naval base north zone b div bball

Marco Kok (#13) of Deyi looks for a way past Kim Villanueva (#9) of Naval Base. Marco had a game-high 17 points for Deyi while Kim had a team-high 11 for Naval Base. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Singapore Basketball Centre, Wednesday, February 27, 2013 – Deyi Secondary beat Naval Base Secondary 39-31 in Round 2 of the North Zone B Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

With both teams out of the running for the semi-finals, it was a game played for pride.

With this win, Deyi finished fourth in the group with a 2-3 win-loss record while Naval Base ended fifth in the six-team group with a 1-4 record.

Marco Kok (#13) of Deyi had a game-high 17 points while Kim Villanueva (#9) of Naval Base scored a team-high 11 points.

Barely five minutes into the game, Naval Base’s coach subbed out his starting five players with a fresh group since this was the last game of the season for his squad.

Naval Base had an early lead but it was Deyi who eventually led 13-5 at the end of the first quarter.

Deyi managed to keep the lead throughout the entire game. Naval Base had their chances from turnovers, and they narrowed the deficit in the second and third quarters, trailing by five (15-17) and seven (20-27) respectively.

Deyi’s Darrel Tan (#5) earned whoops and cheers from supporters in the game when he made a mid-air rejection on one of his opponents.

Deyi entered the final quarter with a tightened defence, closing down Naval Base players and severely restricting their chances to score.

The game ended with Deyi outscoring Naval Base by eight to win 39-31.

Arwyn Sotiangco (#11), captain of Naval Base, felt that his team had a good game.

“We took the game seriously and played with incredible fighting spirit all the way till the last buzzer sounded,” said Arwyn.

Added Arwyn: “We have tried our best to win for our school and no matter what I’m still proud of my team.”

Krish Loy (#11), the captain of Deyi, thought that the game had been a fun one.

“We could have done better but seeing as this was our last game, we thought to enjoy it instead,” Krish added.

Both team captains had expected that North Vista Secondary, Presbyterian High, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary and Seng Kang Secondary would make the top four. As it turns out, they got three out of four correct, with Canberra Secondary making it to the semi-finals at the expense of Seng Kang.

Score by Quarters
Deyi vs Naval Base
1st Q: 13-5
2nd Q: 4-10 (17-15)
3rd Q: 10-5 (27-20)
4th Q: 12-11 (39-31)

Top scorers
Marco Kok Jia Hao (#13) – 17 points
Krish Loy Sheng An (#11) – 8 points

Naval Base
Kim Alexis Obciana Villanueva (#9) – 11 points
Carl Janruel P. Iyog (#5) – 10 points

Deyi Roster
Javier Pang Chew Yong (#4), Darrel Tan (#5), Chia Wee Boon (#6), Low Wei Jian (#7), P. Pavindron (#8), Zheng Jia Hao (#9), Collin Tio Ren Hao (#10), Krish Loy Sheng An (#11), Chua Yong Le (#12), Marco Kok Jia Hao (#13), Ong Zhen Xiang (#14), Saw William Joseph (#15)

Naval Base Roster
Ang Eng Hua (#4), Carl Janruel P. Iyog (#5), Benjamin Lim Zhong En (#6), Nicholas Koh Dun Cheng (#7), Goh Wei Tse (#8), Kim Alexis Obciana Villanueva (#9), Hor Wei Jie (#10), Arwyn Sotiangco (#11), Lee Yi Le (#12), M. Aqil Bin Razali (#13), Lau Zi Xian (#14), Tong Houg Yang (#15)

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