By REDintern Fiona Lee

springfield vs bedok north east zone b div bball

Teo Farn Terng (#10) of Springfield leads a fast break against Bedok North. He had a game-high 19 points. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


Anglican High School, Friday, February 22, 2013 — Springfield Secondary defeated Bedok North Secondary 52-46 in Round 2 of the East Zone B Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

Teo Farn Terng (#10) of Springfield had a game-high 19 points while Lim Shi Jie (#4) and Oh Shen (#11) were the top scorers for Bedok North with 13 each.

The win gave Springfield a 2-1 win-loss record while for Bedok North, it was their fourth straight loss in the second round.

It was an intense game where the speed and teamwork of Bedok North was up against the and height of Springfield.

Springfield pulled ahead of Bedok North by sinking in two 3-pointers to lead 14-7 after the first quarter.

Bedok North’s team efforts were evident as each player went for every rebound in the second quarter, constantly supporting each other when needed. Teo Farn Terng (#10), the captain of Bedok North, was an asset to his team with dribbling skills.

Springfield’s tallest player, Mohammad Hafiy (#11), who is also in the National Youth Basketball Under-16 squad, used his height to his team’s advantage, blocking shots and snatching rebounds easily.

“But it’s not always a good thing to have this height,” Hafiy commented, lamenting how he often gets knocked about due to his lanky physique.

The second quarter ended with Springfield still holding their lead at 27-18.

Bedok North continued to fight for every ball and narrowed the deficit to seven points at 31-38 at the end of the third quarter.

Two minutes into the fourth and final quarter, Bedok North’s efforts paid off as they levelled at 38-38 with two consecutive 3-pointers. Benjamin Koo (#15) then had a lay-up to give Bedok North a 40-38 lead over Springfield.

Alas, Springfield proved to be an equally determined team as the players stepped up their game with Ong Yi Long (#6) scoring a 3-pointer to snatch back the lead at 41-40.

Luck was not on Bedok North’s side as Springfield took home the game with a succession of quick 2-pointers, ending the match 52-46 winners.

Farn Terng felt that his Springfield team was overconfident in the first half.

“We started giving away a lot of turnovers and quite a few passes were passed poorly because we lacked teamwork at the start,” said Farn Terng.

He added: “We are lucky that we realized our mistakes and managed to persevere on as a team despite feeling tired. Overall, I am still happy with my team’s performance.”

Score by Quarter
Bedok North vs Springfield
1st Q: 7-14
2nd Q: 11-13 (18-27)
3rd Q: 13-11 (31-38)
4th Q: 15-14 (46-52)

Top Scorers
Bedok North
Lim Shi Jie (#4), Oh Shen (#11) – 13 points
Benjamin Koo Yao Feng (#15) – 8 points

Teo Farn Terng (#10) – 19 points
Lau Wei Liang (#7) – 11 points

Bedok North Roster
Lim Shi Jie (#4), Chua Zheng Zhou (#5), Adam Lok Jian Qun (#6), Patrick Vincent H Caramat (#7), Chong Zhi Qi Shawn (#8), Soh Jun Jie (#9), Lim Lian Fu (#10), Oh Shen (#11), Teoh Sen (#12), Fang Lucas (#13), Josiah Peralta Quinola M (#14), Benjamin Koo Yao Feng (#15)

Springfield Roster
Daryl Lim (#4), Hanson Leong (#5), Ong Yi Long (#6), Lau Wei Liang (#7), Koo Wei Yuan (#8), Eugene Lee (#9), Teo Farn Terng (#10), Mohammad Hafiy (#11), Freddy Yong (#12), Darrell Lee (#13), Ngooi Zhuang Xian (#14), Ng Wee Lim (#15)

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