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anglican high vs macpherson east zone b div bball

Chaw Ji Keong (#7) of MacPherson starts a fast break after getting past Shawn Toh (#6, extreme left) and Yap Teng Suan (#9) of Anglican High. Ji Keong scored a game-high 26 points while Teng Suan had a team-high 22 points. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


Anglican High School, Friday, February 22, 2013 – Anglican High defeated MacPherson Secondary 61-47 in Round 2 of the East Zone B Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

It was the third victory in a row for Anglican High in the second round, and its eight since the zonal championship started.

Macpherson’s captain, Chaw Ji Keong (#7), ended with a game-high 26 points. Just four points behind him was Anglican High’s top scorer, Yap Teng Suan (#9), with 22 points.

The first quarter was a close one with Ji Keong rallying his team with clear verbal instructions on courts to his teammates. The tension was high and Anglican High were anxious to close down Ji Keong.

“We were paying more attention to #7 (Ji Keong) because he was one of the better players on that team,” said Anglican High’s captain, Hammond Lek (#7).

Anglican High’s Shawn Toh (#6) was warned by the referee for pulling Ji Keong’s jersey in the game as the boys in green tried to contain Ji Keong. After the first quarter, Anglican High held a two-point, 10-8 lead.

“It was a challenging game for us. Anglican High is considered to be one of the best teams in Singapore,” said Ji Keong.

Indeed, in the second quarter, Anglican High lived up to her reputation. It was a high-scoring quarter, with Anglican High outscoring MacPherson 24-11 to establish a 13-point, 34-19 lead at half time with some magnificent finishes from their top scorer, Teng Suan.

In the third quarter, Macpherson capitalised on Ji Keong’s skills with their bigger built players trying to screen the Anglican High players. This gave Ji Keong open areas to run into to score. MacPherson’s efforts saw them outscore Anglican High 14-11 in the quarter to trail 33-45 heading into the fourth.

However, MacPherson were kept at bay as Anglican High stepped up their offense in the final quarter. Many a times, their quick plays caught out MacPherson off-guard and they wrapped up a comfortable 61-47 win.

“We need to be more aggressive and our defense was not as good today,” said Hammond.

Hammond added that his team were confident of winning their next game against Chung Cheng High (Main) on Tuesday, February 26, at 2pm.

MacPherson will face off against Manjusri Secondary on the same day as well, at 1pm. MacPherson will need to win this game to have a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals.

Score by Quarters
MacPherson vs Anglican High
1st Q: 8-10
2nd Q: 11-24 (19-34)
3rd Q: 14-11 (33-45)
4th Q: 14-16 (47-61)

Top Scorers
Chaw Ji Keong (#7) – 26 points
Aasis Gurung (#11) – 10 points

Anglican High
Yap Teng Suan (#9) – 22 points
Shawn Toh Choon Sien (#6) – 13 points

MacPherson Roster
Zhan Jun (#4), Moresh S/O Sivaji (#5), Lim Wen Shu (#6), Chaw Ji Keong (#7), Tan Guan Huat (#8), Lama Bryan Nicoatienza (#9), Chaw Ji Hao (#10), Aasis Gurung (#11), Chew Chin Hao (#12), Lian Zi Hang (#13), Zheng Shen Zhu (#14), Wong Yew Kee Jimson (#15)

Anglican High Roster
Lai Hao Qian (#4), Randall Fang De Lun (#5), Shawn Toh Choon Sien (#6), Hammond Lek Bing Liang (#7), Lam Zi Hao (#8), Yap Teng Suan (#9), Li Chuan (#10), Tung Yew Yu (#11), Tan Dao Rong Eugene (#12), Lim Shih Yi (#13), Al Khalifa Bin Mazlan (#14), Jethro Lim (#15)

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