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ahmad ibrahim vs yishun north zone b division basketball

Oh Chin Leng (#11) of Yishun hits a shot over the defence of Nur Zaina (#10) of Ahmad Ibrahim. Chin Leng scored a team-high 6 points. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


Singapore Basketball Centre, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 – It was a comfortable 40-27 win over Yishun Secondary for Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary in Round 2 of the North Zone B Division Girls’ Basketball Championship.

It was Ahmad Ibrahim’s second win of the second round, after their opening 68-50 win over North Vista Secondary.

Ahmad Ibrahim team captain Tan Ke Ning (#11) had a game-high 12 points while her teammates Nur Zaina Bte Jamil (#10) and Inggrit Indayang (#12) also hit double-digits with 10 each. The top scorer for Yishun Secondary was Oh Chin Leng (#11), with 6 points.

“Though we missed a lot of shots, our defense was good,” said Tan Ke Ning (#11), the captain of Ahmad Ibrahim.

“We need to improve our teamwork and have more communication,” added her teammate, Vivian Poo (#7).

Ahmad Ibrahim led from the start to finish in a game they dominated. From the first quarter, it was evident that Ahmad Ibrahim was the stronger team. Yishun struggled to score and Ahmad Ibrahim established a 15-point, 17-2 lead at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Yishun got their act together and started playing better. Yishun outscored Ahmad Ibrahim 8-6 in the quarter but still trailed by 13 points (10-23) heading into the half-time break.

Yishun again outscored Ahmad Ibrahim in the next quarter, 9-6, and trailed by 10 (19-29) heading into the fourth.

By the halfway mark of the fourth quarter, Yishun closed the gap to just five points. It was the closest Yishun would get to Ahmad Ibrahim.

Ahmad Ibrahim eventually outscored Yishun 11-8 in the final quarter to win 40-27.

“We could have won, but we made too many mistakes such as basic passing errors,” said Yishun’s team captain, Jasmine Oh (#7).

“It was like what our coach told us. It’s not about whether we win or lose, it’s about how we lose,” added Jasmine.

Ahmad Ibrahim will play Riverside Secondary at 3.30pm on Friday, February 22nd, at the Singapore Basketball Centre. Yishun will face Deyi Secondary in another game scheduled for the same time.

Score by Quarter
Yishun vs Ahmad Ibrahim
1st Q: 2-17
2nd Q: 8-6 (10-23)
3rd Q: 9-6 (19-29)
4th Q: 8-11 (27-40)

Top Scorers
Oh Chin Leng (#11) – 6 points
Jenice Oh Hwan Ling (#8), Samantha See Yu Lin (#10) – 5 points

Ahmad Ibrahim
Tan Ke Ning (#11) – 12 points
Nur Zaina Bte Jamil (#10), Inggrit Indayang (#12) – 10 points

Yishun Roster
Hla Khin (#4), Ho Qing Yan (#5), Fiona Lau Jia Jia (#6), Jasmine Oh Ka Yee (#7), Jenice Oh Hwan Ling (#8), Choo Yan Ling Claudia (#9), Samantha See Yu Lin (#10), Oh Chin Leng (#11), Teo E Vei (#12), Manlapaz Maria Margarita Z (#13), He Peiyao (#14), Rebecca Schiele (#15)

Ahmad Ibrahim Roster
Alexsia Tammy Tian Min (#4), Trisha Wong Min Yu (#5), Joanna Loh Jia Hui (#6), Vivian Poo Yan Ning (#7), Nur Atiqah Bte Abdul Aziz (#8), Wang Xiao Hui (#9), Nur Zaina Bte Jamil (#10), Tan Ke Ning (#11), Inggrit Indayang (#12), Ng Yu En Theresa (#13), Siti Nuruzzahrah (#14), Patty Tan Peiqi (#15)

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