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Jolo (North Vista #9) with a big jump to score a beautiful layup. (Photo 1 © Chong Ng/Red Sports)


Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday, July 20, 2012 — In Round 2 of the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship, North Vista Secondary continued their unbroken string of victories by thrashing Deyi Secondary 100-25.

North Vista top Group A and make their way into the semi-finals. Christian co Pepito (#4) had a game-high 16 points for North Vista while every player on the team made it onto the score sheet with at least two points.

Deyi’s top scorer was Leow Jun Wei (#9), who had 10 points.

From the start, North Vista took control of the game, with Christian co Pepito (#4) scoring within the first 10 seconds of the first quarter. The North Vista players were generally faster than their Deyi counterparts, easily intercepting Deyi’s passes. The Deyi players appeared a little disheartened and were unable to guard North Vista well.

Deyi were usually unable to get past North Vista’s defence, and would lose possession of the ball after making an attempt to shoot. Most of the game took place in Deyi’s side of the court as North Vista kept intercepting Deyi’s passes.

“I’m quite proud of my team,” said team captain, Sim Zhen (#13), of North Vista. “Defense was good. Compared to our previous game which wasn’t good, we have improved a lot.”

“We also improved on our team work,” added Sim Xuan (#7). “We have better team work now.”

“We are aiming for champions of North Zone, and Top 4 for Nationals,” said Sim Zhen.

North Vista take on Christ Church Secondary in the semi-finals while Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary will take on Presbyterian High in the other. Both games are on Monday, July 23rd, at the Singapore Basketball Centre. Tip off is at 2.30pm.

Score by Quarter
North Vista vs Deyi
1st Q: 28-2
2nd Q: 12-6 (40-8)
3rd Q: 26-7 (66-15)
4th Q: 34-10
Final Score: 100-25

Top Scorers
North Vista
Christian co Pepito (#4) — 16 points
Nigel Go (#12) — 12 points
Jeff Tan (#5) – 10 points
Sim Xuan (#7) — 10 points
Shiek Ridwan (#10) — 10 points
Sim Zhen (#13) – 10 points

Leow Jun Wei (#9) — 10 points
Kevin Chiang (#10) — 6 points
Zulkarnain (#8) – 5 points

North Vista Roster
Christian co Pepito (#4), Jeff Tan (#5), Danial Tai (#6), Sim Xuan (#7), Fabian Low (#8), Jolo Emmanuel Carino Cristobal (#9), Shiek Ridwan (#10), Tan Yi Xuan (#11), Nigel Go (#12), Sim Zhen (#13), Justine Carlo Duro Chansuyco (#14), Daniel Koh (#15)

Deyi Roster
Chua Yong Le (#4), Foo Chee Yee (#5), Javier Pang (#6), Siau Wei Yang (#7), Zulkarnain (#8), Leow Jun Wei (#9), Kevin Chiang (#10), Chen Yu Yi (#11), Ong Zhen Xiang (#12), Peh Jun Da (#13), Matthew Ng (#14), Michael Lee (#15)

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