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Darren Ang (Bowen #14) determined to score for his team. (Photo 1 © Chong Ng/Red Sports)


Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday, July 20, 2012 — Bowen Secondary beat Woodgrove Secondary 67-43 in Round 2 of the North Zone C Division Basketball Championship, in what was the last game of the season for both teams.

However, their 2-3 win-loss record was not good enough for a top two finish and they miss out on the semi-finals.

Woodgrove also finished the season with a 2-3 record. North Vista Secondary and Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary qualified in first and second place for the semi-finals from their group.

Both teams almost matched each other basket for basket for the first three quarters. Whenever one team pulled ahead, the other team would haul their opponents back. No more than three points separated at the end of the first three quarters.

In the fourth quarter, with a 44-41 lead, Bowen played a tighter defence, making it difficult for Woodgrove to close the gap. Woodgrove were unable to get a clear shot and were unable to shoot accurately when pressurised by the Bowen defence.

At the same time, Bowen won more defensive rebounds and intercepted many of Woodgrove’s passes. They outscored Bowen by a massive 23-2 in the final quarter to extend their lead and win 67-43.

Asked about the game, Bowen team captain, Ng Jian Wei (#5), said that he was not pleased with his team’s performance.

“We played quite badly today. We didn’t use what we have,” he explained.

“We were playing very sloppily,” commented vice-captain, Darren Ang (#14). “We didn’t go after our rebounds, and didn’t do a good job defending. Also, we didn’t go after some of the balls.”

“We need to work on our dribbling, shooting and defense,” said Jian Wei.

Darren added: “We also need to stop foul trouble, and play a tighter defense.”

Score by Quarter
Bowen vs Woodgrove
1st Q: 14-14
2nd Q: 10-13 (24-27)
3rd Q: 20-14 (44-41)
4th Q: 23-2
Final Score: 67-43

Top Scorers
Gerald Koh (#11) – 23 points
Darren Ang (#14) – 15 points
Chatcha Chan (#8) — 9 points

Wang Jin Qing (#8) — 17 points
Lee Cheng Quan (#11) — 13 points
Chen Bing Kun (#15) — 7 points

Bowen Roster
Joshua Wong (#4), Ng Jian Wei (#5), Justin Chua (#6), Jeryl Neo (#7), Chatchachan (#8), Clive Ng (#9), Lee Zheng Yu (#10), Gerald Koh (#11), Chen Yong Hui (#12), De Shan (#13), Darren Ang (#14), Bryan Beh (#15)

Woodgrove Roster
Gavin Yuen (#4), Thean Zhi Wei (#5), Tan Chin Poh (#6), Zahid Tan (#7), Wang Jin Qing (#8), Gabriel Aw (#9), Bryan Soon (#10), Lee Cheng Quan (#11), Jeff Cheong (#12), Teo Yung Jin (#13), Leong Shao Kang (#14), Chen Bing Kun (#15)

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