B Div Vball (Girls): Presbyterian High see off Cedar for second win in Group C



Jemima (PHS #16) sees the Cedar spike evade her block. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Presbyterian High, Monday, March 5, 2012 — Presbyterian High led from start to finish to defeat Cedar Girls’ 2-0 (25-22, 25-22) in a Group C match at the National B Division Girls’ Volleyball Championship.

Cedar had a disastrous outing as they had no answer to the in-form Presbyterian High from the start. While the numbers show a close game, with Presbyterian scoring 29 points via 25 kills, one block and three service aces; and Cedar scoring 22 points via 16 kills, four blocks and two service aces, it was Presbyterian High who held the advantage throughout with Cedar catching up only much later on. But by then, it was too late as even with Cedar’s valiant efforts, they simply could not overturn their initial deficit.

Pua Le Jie (PHS #18) topped the scoring tally with 11 points scored from 11 kills while Amanda Tan (PHS #11) was second with 10 points scored from eight kills, one block and one service ace.

Presbyterian High established their dominance right at the start as they ran off to lead 7-2, prompting a time out from Cedar.

Cedar had no answer to Presbyterian High’s spikes as they watched on for the latter to lead 15-5.

Cedar attempted to mount a comeback, and added with Presbyterian High’s hit errors, managed to close in to trail by three points at 16-13.

Presbyterian High did not capitulate and continued on with the lead. They were soon leading 23-18 after Claire (Cedar #2) sent her spike out of bounds.

Cedar were not going down without a fight and held off their opponents after a light tap by Jasmine (Cedar #11) was unreturned. Cedar continued to hold off Presbyterian High and pulled back to trail by just one point after Claudia (Cedar #18) managed to block a ball by Le Jie (PHS #18).

However, Presbyterian High did not allow Cedar to level the score as Le Jie (PHS #18) took set point after spiking down the Cedar block. Presbyterian High then took the set after a spike error from Cedar gave them the last point.

Presbyterian High continued their fine form in the second set as they blitzed ahead to lead 13-5.

Cedar were forced to call two early timeouts at the 5-0 and 13-5 mark in a bid to stop Presbyterian High’s rampage.

Playing in a different formation from the first set, Cedar managed to reorganise themselves to narrow the score gap to just two points, prompting a timeout from Presbyterian High at the 14-12 mark.

Presbyterian High were unfazed by Cedar’s comeback and pulled ahead once again to lead 24-17.

Once again, Presbyterian High would be unable to convert the final point as Cedar mounted a last-ditch attempt to even the odds.

Cedar saved five match points to see the score stand 24-22.

In the final rally, Le Jie (Cedar #18) sent a powerful spike which was deflected off course by Cedar. However, Cedar managed to rescue the shot to send it back to Presbyterian High. Le Jie mounted a second attempt and was lucky this time round. Though her spike was received, Cedar could not organise on the second touch and the point was eventually given to Presbyterian High.

Final score

Presbyterian High 2 Cedar 0
25-22 25-22

Despite the loss, Cedar can take consolation that they have still qualified for the second round. Presbyterian High are also through to the second round and will finish on top of Group C should they win their final match against St Hilda’s on Wednesday.

National B Division Girls’ Volleyball Championship — fixtures and results

Presbyterian High vs Cedar - Match Statistics

 Points scored (Total)KillsHit ErrorsBlocksBlock ErrorsService AceService FaultDefensive ErrorsUnforced Errors
Presbyterian High Team Totals292514143372
Le Jie (#18)11115000011
Amanda (#11)1080101030
Michelle (#14)663000010
Vanessa #6)200002201
Jemima (#16)004040000
Hui Min (#5)000000010
Ju Hui (#9)002000100
Germaine (#12, Libero)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A10
Cedar Team Totals221613472294
Jasmine (#11)762001120
Claudia (#18)730351000
Claire (#2)554000020
Gu Ting (#6)225000001
Kai Qi (#13)102120102
Celia (#10)000000020
Cherie (#14)000000000
Jing Ting (#16)000000021
Leng Yen (#12, Libero)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A10


Claire (Cedar #2) sends her spike into the block. (Photo 2 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

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