North Zone B Div Bball: Yishun beat Woodlands Ring 53-37 in top-of-the-table clash


By REDintern Joseph Lee

national b division basketball

The Yishun #13 swatting the ball away being put up by a Woodlands Ring player. (Photo 1 © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Monday, January 30, 2012 — Yishun Secondary beat Woodlands Ring 53-37 in a highly anticipated top-of-the-table clash in the North Zone B Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

Riverside Secondary, Canberra Secondary, Woodgrove Secondary and Maris Stella High also won in other group games.

Woodlands Ring vs Yishun
Both teams had two wins in hand coming into the game and the win gave Yishun went top of the group with three wins in the bag.

From start to end, the game was a high-intensity and fast-paced game. Woodlands ring drew first blood and their point guard #9 drained a long-distance 3-pointer. Yishun answered back with a few consecutive baskets of their own.

The game looked like it was going to be closely contested with Yishun taking a slim 14-12 lead at the end of the first quarter.

But during the second quarter, the Yishun #13 was grabbing rebounds and putting in second chance balls. The paint was largely dominated by him as he stood taller and bigger than the rest. He helped Yishun to extend their lead and end the second quarter leading 27-18.

From then on, Yishun did not look back at all, they kept on firing while Woodlands Ring were still searching for an answer to counter them. Yishun pulled away further and further after every quarter to get the win.

Riverside vs Fuchun
Riverside were the more dominant team against Fuchun during the whole game. Riverside led throughout the game and did not look back at all to win it 41-22.

Canberra vs Woodlands
This game was also another one sided affair with Canberra winning 41-19.

Canberra took a 21-point, 26-5 lead into the half-time break.

Woodlands looked like they were making a come back as they started to score points to edge Canberra 10-9 in the quarter. But that was all they had, as in the last quarter, they were shooting blanks and Canberra were quick to close Woodlands on offence.

Woodgrove vs Montfort
Woodgrove were unstoppable against Monfort, winning 61-6. Monfort were constantly stripped of the ball due to bad passes, leaving Woodgrove the opportunity to go for a lot of open lay-ups.

Maris Stella High vs Marsiling
Marsiling was a team which had the skills and talents to win but instead they lost 53-25 to a more skillful and bigger Maris Stella High.

The Maris Stella #13 was the most notable person on the team as he was the biggest on the team and court. He contributed most of the points in the paint for Maris Stella as he grabbed many rebounds for second chance points and in the process also drawing some 3-point plays.

The Marsiling #15 tried to help the team to rally with a few points during the game, but it was too little to help.

The Maris Stella #10 was another notable player as he was quick on his feet and had good court vision. He was stripping the ball from the opponents and creating plays for his teammates on the other end.

Ed’s note: If you know the players mentioned by their jersey numbers, please let us know their names and we’ll update the post. Thanks.

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national b division basketball

The Woodlands Ring #11 with a jab step trying to fake the Yishun #13. (Photo 2 © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

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