C Division Boys’ Basketball: Defending champs North Vista fall to Unity while Dunman roll over RI


By Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports


Wismon Lum (Unity #7) goes for a layup as Ng Zhong Kang (North Vista #7) tries to block. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Clementi Sports Hall, Friday, July 15, 2011 — Defending champions North Vista Secondary suffered a defeat in their opening match against Unity Secondary when they fell 37-55 in a Group D match at the National C Division Boys’ Basketball Championship. In another game, 2010 runners-up Dunman Secondary steamrolled Raffles Institution 42-10.

From the start, North Vista were outclassed by Unity as the latter stormed to a 10-4 lead by the end of the first quarter. Two three-pointers by Jason Ong (Unity #10) ensured that the team was in the driving seat.

In the second quarter, North Vista came roaring back and managed to keep the scoreline close. The North Vista #5 put in seven out of his team’s nine points for the quarter with two points coming from the free throw line and another three from a three-pointer. Despite their efforts, North Vista went into the half-time break trailing by seven points.

Led by Jason Ong (#10) and #13, Unity continued their scoring streak in the third quarter. Jason’s shooting from the three-point line added points for the team once again as North Vista were left to play catchup.

Unity entered the fourth quarter with guns blazing as they scored 22 points to Unity’s 13. Unity’s Wismon Lum (#7) drew several fouls from his opponent and he made full use of his opportunity at the charity line, converting five free throws for five valuable points.

Unity will next face Raffles Institution on Wednesday, July 20th, while North Vista will face Dunman Secondary who will certainly be looking to avenge their loss in the final last year.

Top Scorers
North Vista #5 — 16 points (one 3-pointer)
Unity #15 — 12 points
Wismon Lum (Unity #7) — 11 points
Jason Ong (Unity #10) — 11 points
Unity #13 — 11 points

On the other court, Dunman asserted their dominance when they trounced Raffles Institution 42-10. Dunman’s superiority was evident in the first quarter as they prevented their opponents from putting any points on the scoreboard until the Raffles #11 scored with two minutes left on the clock in the first quarter. Raffles trailed 2-9 at the end of the first quarter.

Dunman continued their rampage in the second and third quarter as they continued to run away with the lead while Raffles struggled to put points on the scoreboard. Despite Dunman’s attack taking a back step in the third quarter, Raffles could not make their mark and went in the fourth quarter trailing 10-26.

In the fourth quarter, Dunman continued chalking up points. At one point, Dunman had a 16-point scoring streak with no reply from Raffles.

Top Scorers
Dunman #8 — 11 points
Dunman #4 — 5 points (one 3-pointer)
Dunman #12 — 5 points
Dunman #15 — 4 points
Dunman #14 — 4 points
Raffles #11 — 4 points

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