By Fatimah Mehron Nisha

national schools sport climbing championship

A climber scales the wall in the B Division Difficulty category. (Photo 1 courtesy of Fatimah Mehron Nisha)

SAFRA Yishun, Sunday, April 25, 2010 – The 12 divisional winners at the National Schools Sport Climbing Championship earned the right to represent Singapore at the upcoming Asian Youth Cup 2010, to be held in Indonesia later this year.

Jointly organised by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation and SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre, this year's competition attracted a total of 410 competitors from 20 secondary schools and junior colleges, marking an eight percent increase in participation.

Participants competed in 21 individual and team events within the Difficulty and Speed categories, held over the last two weekends at SAFRA Yishun. While the Speed category tests participants' swiftness, the Difficulty category focuses on participants' agility and skills in navigating the climbing route within a given time of eight minutes.

Mr Bobby Lim, Manager of SAFRA Adventure Sports Center, commented: "Besides being the selection trial for our Asian Youth representatives this year, the NSSCC also provides a good platform for young sport climbing enthusiasts to gain competitive exposure and prepare for the next major event in the local circuit, Rock On 2010, which will be held in September."

Muhd Fitri, 16, winner of the Speed B Division, male category, scaled 15 metres up the climbing wall along two routes in 24.19 seconds. The Outram Secondary School student won the fifth position last year and had worked hard to become the fastest male climber for this year's Championship.

"Compared to last year, I have improved a lot in terms of speed. I'm excited to take part in the Asian Youth Cup and will continue to train thrice a week during my school's climbing club training. To prepare for the Asian Youth Cup, I'll focus on improving my climbing stamina and maintaining my speed," said Fitri.

The fastest overall female climber in the B Division was Nuramelia Satri from Xinmin Secondary School. The petite 15-year-old commented about her performance: "Last year I was third in the Speed category. I think I have improved tremendously over the past year because of my twice-a-week training sessions at SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre with my school's climbing club. I am happy with my result this year."

national schools sport climbing championship

Xinmin Secondary were the overall winners in the C Division male and female categories. (Photo 2 courtesy of Fatimah Mehron Nisha)

national schools sport climbing championship

Muhd Fitri and Zhang Bin Bin of Outram Secondary finished first in the team doubles event. (Photo 3 courtesy of Fatimah Mehron Nisha)

national schools sport climbing championship

Muhd Fitrinurhakim B Zainudin and Nuramelia Satria of Xinmin Secondary finished second in the team doubles event. (Photo 4 courtesy of Fatimah Mehron Nisha)

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