By REDintern Colin Tung

Bedok Reservoir Park, Wednesday, 25 March, 2009 – The boys and girls cross-country teams of Raffles Institution stamped their dominance at the 50th National Inter-School Cross-Country Championships here on Wednesday morning, emerging as the top school teams in the country in the A Division.

The boys won with a remarkably low points total* of 12 points, 21 less than the 33 points accumulated by the runners-up Victoria Junior College. Hwa Chong Institution was third with 70 points.

The girls’ race saw Hwa Chong Institution finishing runners-up with 36 points compared to 30 for Raffles Institution. Catholic Junior College were third with 40 points.

Moving on to the B Division, the Catholic High School boys pipped Victoria School to the team title by a mere two points with their 50-point total. The Singapore Sports School were third 65 points.

In the girls’ race, Cedar Girls’ Secondary hit 45 points to trump Methodist Girls’ School with 51 points while River Valley High were third with 65 points.

Victoria School and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ Secondary won the C Division boys’ and girls’ categories respectively.

Catholic High and Singapore Sports School finished in joint-second with 51 points but Catholic High were awarded second place on a count-back (the difference in positions between the first-scoring and last-scoring runners in the team).

Catholic High’s first-scoring runner was Heng Yu Jie who placed third individually while their fourth and last-scoring runner was James Cheung who placed 19th, making a difference of 16 positions. On the other hand, the Sports School’s first-scoring runner was Marc Amiruddin in sixth position and their last-scoring runner was Muhd Idafi in 24th position translating to an inferior 18-position difference.

The girls’ team competition mirrored the close fight in the B Division boys. Methodist Girls’ School scored 44 points, two points more than the 42 points by CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ Secondary. The Singapore Sports School finished third with 65 points.

The National Inter-School Cross-Country Championships saw a total of 97 schools, 220 teams and 1557 participants.

On a day that many athletes had waited upon during the season with much nervous energy and with hope all mingled together, there were dreams fulfilled and spirits crushed. Whatever there was, Red Sports was there to catch it. Do return for more exciting stories and pictures from the National Inter-School Cross-Country Championships coming up!

Team Results (top-three only)

A Division

1. Raffles Institution 12 points
2. Victoria Junior College 33 points
3. Hwa Chong Institution 70 points

1. Raffles Institution 30 points
2. Hwa Chong Institution 36 points
3. Catholic Junior College 40 points

B Division

1. Catholic High School 48 points
2. Victoria School 50 points
3. Singapore Sports School 65 points

1. Cedar Girls’ Secondary 45 points
2. Methodist Girls’ School 51 points
3. River Valley High 65 points

C Divison

1. Victoria School 28 points
2. Catholic High School 51 points
3. Singapore Sports School 51 points

1. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ Secondary 42 points
2. Methodist Girls’ School 44 points
3. Singapore Sports School 65 points

*Note: Team points total are calculated based on the team’s top-four runners’ positions. For example, a team’s top-four runners are first, second, third and fourth respectively, the team’s score would be 1+2+3+4 to give the lowest possible total score of 10 points.


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