Victoria School regain B Division Cross-Country Championship title

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Story contributed by reader Ian Chew. Pictures by Marvin Lowe. Additional pictures and video by reader Ben Wong. Results provided by readers Ben Wong and Soh Rui Yong.


With determination etched on his face, Lim Han Ren of Victoria sprints for the finish line. The Victoria runners finished 3rd, 4th, 13th and 34th positions to clinch victory. (Photo 1 © Marvin Lowe)

CCAB, Wednesday, April 23, 2008 – The threatening skies failed to douse the the smiles of Victoria supporters as they celebrated their B Division boys team title, edging out defending champions Raffles Institution by two points in the process. With the win, they banished the disappointment of a title-less year in 2007.

“We are really proud of our boys performance today,” was Victoria’s teacher-in-charge Ms Sheikha’s jubilant comment on learning that her team had won.

The supporters were made to wait anxiously though for the results as heavy showers prevented the prize giving ceremony from taking place. Fortunately, the rains had come after the races were completed.

In what should be a great credit to the organisers for an incident-free event with the controversies leading up to the competition, Sports School also emerged winners by clinching the C Division boys title. T Haarishankar of the Sports School outpaced the entire field with an incredible time of 14min 39.90 sec, leaving his fellow competitors trailing far in his wake.

Cedar Girls’ captured the C Division girls title while Methodist Girls School retained their B Division title.

Raffles Junior College and Hwa Chong won the A Division boys’ and girls’ title respectively.

Editor’s note: There are many stories left untold from the Cross-Country Championship. If you have a story to share, feel free to do so and we will post it up.

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S Surya (#1221) of Boon Lay finishes first in 14 min 33.41 sec while Lim Zhi Ming (#1532) of Raffles Institution finishes just behind him in 14:34.37. Raffles Institution took the runner up spot as well in the B Division team event. (Photo 2 © Marvin Lowe)

Kevin Goh (#1398) of Victoria School on his way to a 3rd place finish in 14:41.41 while his teammate Johnathan Wong (behind) finished fourth in 14:49.06. Their 3rd and 4th place finishes were crucial to helping their team clinch the B Division boys team title. (Photo 3 © Marvin Lowe)

Lee Xuan De (#1231) of Catholic High finished 8th in 15:00.48 while Sumanthiran s/o Selvarajoo of SJI (right) and Lim Min Zhang (left) of River Valley High follow closely behind. Catholic High finished 3rd position in the B Division boys team event. (Photo 4 © Marvin Lowe)

Grace Loke of RJC came in 7th with a time of 14:39.66. (Photo 5 © Marvin Lowe)

“Almost there …” Ashley Ang of VJC finishing first in 14:04.24. (Photo 6 © Marvin Lowe)

Soh Rui Yong RJC runner heading home in first place while Allan Teng of ACJC tries to catch him. RJC took the boys A Division title. Rui Yong finished in 13:48.48 while Allan was a split second behind in 13:48.65. (Photo 7 © Marvin Lowe)

Victoria JC's Jonathan D'Cruz fighting off the challenge of Su Yen Bing (left) and Soh Hua Qun (right) of RJC for fourth place, behind teammate Lee Ming Hui. Less than a second separated the three runners with Jonathan finishing in 14:07.05, Yen Bing in 14:07.29, followed closely by Hua Qun in 14:07.70. RJC had the final word when Yen Bing and Hua Qun, both ex-Catholic High runners, powered their team to the A Division victory! (Photo 8 © Marvin Lowe)

Eloise Wee of VJC (#1718) heads home in 14th place in a time of 14:54.24. (Photo 9 © Marvin Lowe)

Louisa Chiew of Hwa Chong Institution on the way to a 6th place finish in the individual category in a time of 14:35.21 to help the HCI girls’ team win the A Division title. HCI girls last won the A Division title in 2002. (Photo 10 © Marvin Lowe)

Chew Han Yu of St Nicholas Girls’ (#0941) came in second in the B Division girls category with a time of 13:53.60 while Clara Wong of MGS running just behind her was third in 13:54.44. (Photo 11 © Marvin Lowe)

Chia Xin Ying (#0952) of Cedar Girls’ was 10th in 15:02.38 while Lee Sey Chee (#0883) of River Valley High finishes just behind her in 11th place with a time of 15:03.83. (Photo 12 © Marvin Lowe)

Energy spent, a runner goes down at the finish line. (Photo 13 © Marvin Lowe)

Alexandria Wong of MGS on the way to the finish line in 14:21.35. She finished 5th in the B Division category. (Photo 14 © Marvin Lowe)

Jonathan Wong of Victoria on his way to the finish line. Victoria runners finished 3rd, 4th, 13th and 34th positions to clinch victory. (Photo 15 © Ian Chew)

Catholic High’s Lian Wei Cong finished strongly in 15:12.28 to secure 16th place in the B Division category. (Photo 16 © Ian Chew)

A helping hand is much appreciated after a long race! (Photo 17 © Ian Chew)

Clara Wong of Methodist Girls’ School. She finished third in the B Division individual category. MGS repeated their winning feat of 2007 with another B girls team title this year. (Photo 18 © Ben Wong)

Runners contemplate what is to come as they wait for the start of the run. (Photo 19 © Ben Wong)

Video of C Division Girls
Video of B Division Girls

A Division Girls Top 20

1st – Ashley Ang, Victoria Junior College (14:04.24)
2nd – Emelyne Teo Jia Wei, Hwa Chong Institution (14:13.74)
3rd – Zakiyah Bte Ibrahim, Hwa Chong Institution (14:22.52)
4th – Samantha Koh Shi Man, Hwa Chong Institution (14:28.75)
5th – Charmaine Tan Hui Min, Victoria Junior College (14:33.99)
6th – Louisa Chiew Yi Jun, Hwa Chong Institution (14:35.21)
7th – Grace Loke Wei Ting, Raffles Junior College (14:39.66)
8th – Mun Wei Lin, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (14:40.95)
9th – Tiffany Tan Shi Jun, Raffles Junior College (14:43.24)
10th – Megan Chang Yen Li, Victoria Junior College (14:43.33)
11th – Yvonne Lin Cui Wen, Raffles Junior College (14:44.87)
12th – Claire Soon Jing Min, Hwa Chong Institution (14:46.36)
13th – Audrey Teng Yen Ru, Raffles Junior College (14:51.38)
14th – Eloise Wee Bao Hui, Victoria Junior College (14:54.24)
15th – Clarisse Yong Suet Yi, Raffles Junior College (14:55.05)
16th – Ang Siew Min, Victoria Junior College (15:01.18)
17th – Patricia Chia Xian Fang, Hwa Chong Institution (15:04.60)
18th – Dharshini d/o Chandara Sagar, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (15:19.67)
19th – Sonia Chan, Victoria Junior College (15:28.80)
20th – Serena Guo Shu Ting, Catholic Junior College (15:31.27)

A Division Boys Top 20

1st – Soh Rui Yong, Raffles Junior College (13:48.48)
2nd – Allan Teng, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (13:48.65)
3rd – Lee Ming Hui, Victoria Junior College (14:02.49)
4th – Jonathan Edward D’Cruz, Victoria Junior College (14:07.05)
5th – Su Yen Bing, Raffles Junior College (14:07.29)
6th – Soh Hua Qun, Raffles Junior College (14:07.70)
7th – Bryan Tan Boon Han, Catholic Junior College (14:11.34)
8th – Koh Kai Ming, Hwa Chong Institution (14:13.76)
9th – Tommy Tham, Hwa Chong Institution (14:14.79)
10th – Ng Wei Wen, Raffles Junior College (14:16.69)
11th – Mark Balakrishnan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (14:27.86)
12th – Jeremy Tay Yong Jie, Hwa Chong Institution (14:31.36)
13th – Phua Zhai Juan, Victoria Junior College (14:37.04)
14th – Alvin Laim Chee Chin, Innova Junior College (14:38.33)
15th – Choo Shi Jun, Hwa Chong Institution (14:40.52)
16th – Adriel Tay You Wei, Raffles Junior College (14:47.40)
17th – Anandakrishnan s/o Retnam, National Junior College (14:52.10)
18th – Garry Lim Zhi Zhe, ACS (Independent) (14:52.27)
19th – Jonathan Tan Wei Jian, Victoria Junior College (14:53.97)
20th – Norman Lim Fang Xuan, Raffles Junior College (14:54.83)

B Division Girls Top 20

1st – Melody Leow, Singapore Sports School (13:45.43)
2nd – Chew Han Yu, St Nicholas Girls’ (13:53.60)
3rd – Clara Wong, Methodist Girls’ (13:54.44)
4th – Teh May Yong, Singapore Sports School (14:15.48)
5th – Alxandria Wong, Methodist Girls’ (14:21.35)
6th – Wan Zahrah Bte Ahmad Ali, Cedar Girls’ (14:24.57)
7th – Jedidah John, Cedar Girls’ (14:47.97)
8th – Belle Tan, Westwood (14:54.57)
9th – Ramandeep Kaur, National JC (14:58.07)
10th – Chia Xin Ying, Cedar Girls’ (15:02.38)
11th – Lee Say Chee, River Valley High (15:03.83)
12th – Charrisa Ong, Methodist Girls’ (15:05.12)
13th – Berenice Lian, Raffles Girls’ (15:07.13)
14th – Janell Tan, Methodist Girls’ (15:07.98)
15th – Elsia Phua, Cedar Girls’ (15:08.48)
16th – Janice Lee, CHIJ (Toa Payoh) (15:15.97)
17th – Joanna Teo, CHIJ (Toa Payoh) (15:25.52)
18th – Chuah Ke Hui, Jurong (15:31.69)
19th – Ng Wei Ting, St Nicholas Girls’ (15:33.29)
20th – Constance Ng, Chung Cheng High (Main) (15:40.27)

B Division Boys Top 20

1st – S. Surya, Boon Lay (14:33.41)
2nd – Lim Zhi Ming, Raffles Institution (14:34.37)
3rd – Kevin Goh, Victoria (14:41.41)
4th – Johnathan Wong, Victoria (14:49.06)
5th – Gary Tse Rong, Hwa Chong Institution (14:55.52)
6th – Praash s/o Arasu, Singapore Sports School (14:58.30)
7th – Hazwari B Abdul Wahid, Loyang (14:58.48)
8th – Lee Xuan De, Catholic High (15:00.48)
9th – Sumanthiran s/o Selvarajoo, St Joseph’s Institution (15:01.97)
10th – Lim Min Zhang, River Valley High (15:02.39)
11th – Yeo Si Heng, Hwa Chong institution (15:04.41)
12th – Dave Ong, Ahmad Ibrahim (15:04.93)
13th – Eugene Cyril Rodrigo, Victoria (15:06.17)
14th – Tan Yi Wen, Victoria JC (15:06.49)
15th – Lee Guan Lin, Raffles Institution (15:11.24)
16th – Lian Wei Cong, Catholic High (15:12.28)
17th – Seow Yeong Yang, Raffles Institution (15:13.09)
18th – Zorndrix Dass, Anglo-Chinese (Barker) (15:15.70)
19th – Bryan Chua, Catholic High (15:21.12)
20th – Koh Yi Thong, River Valley High (15:21.97)

C Division Girls Top 20

1st – Ranjtha d/o Raja, Anderson Secondary (14:17.93)
2nd – Charisse Ee Wen Rei, Singapore Sports School (14:24.93)
3rd – Winsy Li Ying Si, St Nicholas Girls’ (14:26.38)
4th – Roshini Piragasam, Crescent Girls’ Secpondary (14:36.10)
5th – Debbie Ho Min, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (14:44.01)
6th – Chua Wan Ping, Jurong Secondary (14:47.47)
7th – Romaine Soh Rui Min, Methodist Girls’ School (14:51.07)
8th – Wendy Enn, Singapore Sports School (14:57.40)
9th – Chua Kah Kah, River Valley High (15:01.42)
10th – Hannah Lau Sing Hee, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (15:06.60)
11th – Clara Poon Jia Xin, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (15:19.06)
12th – Samantha Sonia Pereira, Katong Convent (15:29.57)
13th – Esther Mei Ambrose, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (15:34.75)
14th – Kwee Yi Ning, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (15:38.09)
15th – Elaine Tan Li-Wen, St Nicholas Girls’ (15:38.22)
16th – S. Roobini, CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) (15:40.72)
17th – Nur Hamizah, Singapore Sports School (15:48.27)
18th – Janine Quek Zi Xuan, Methodist Girls’ School (15:48.52)
19th – Chloe Chan Xiao Yun, Cedar Girls’ Secondary (15:48.89)
20th – Kelly Zhang Ye Yi, River Valley High (15:51.16)

C Division Boys Top 20

1st – T. Haarishankar, Singapore Sports School (14:39.90)
2nd – Zachary Ryan Devaraj, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (15:09.83)
3rd – Sherwin Yeo Jun Kang, Catholic High (15:17.99)
4th – Marc Amiruddin Nabill B A M, Singapore Sports School (15:26.01)
5th – Benjamin Leong Jia Juin, Raffles Institution (15:37.50)
6th – Darren Ang Meng Hwee, Catholic High (15:42.51)
7th – Bryan Ashwin, Singapore Sports School (15:47.16)
8th – Ivan Tan Qing Yu, Singapore Sports School (15:49.80)
9th – James Iau Nan Hoong, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (15:51.12)
10th – Sean Lim Yi Fang, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (15:54.10)
11th – Hieng Pheak Kdey, Victoria School (15:59.30)
12th – Gavin Loh Zhen Yao, Catholic High (16:00.09)
13th – Chin Joo Ern, Hwa Chong Institution (16:00.23)
14th – Loh Ee Chang, Unity Secondary (16:02.15)
15th – Josiah Wee Jian An, Singapore Sports School (16:02.54)
16th – Morris Leo Geoffrey Westerhout, Victoria School (16:03.19)
17th – Chua Teng Kiat, Singapore Sports School (16:17.70)
18th – Nathaneal Wong Zhi Xin, Raffles Institution (16:22.85)
19th – Denis Seow Chen Jiat, St Joseph’s Institution (16:25.72)
20th – Ong Wei Long, Yishun Town Secondary (16:28.04)


1st – Cedar Girls’
2nd – Singapore Sports School
3rd – River Valley High
4th – Methodist Girls’ School
5th – St Nicholas Girls’


1st – Singapore Sports School
2nd – Catholic High
3rd – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
4th – Victoria School


1st – Methodist Girls’ School
2nd – Cedar Girls’
3rd – St Nicholas Girls’


1st – Victoria School
2nd – Raffles Institution
3rd – Catholic High
4th – Victoria Junior College


1st – Hwa Chong Institution
2nd – Victoria Junior College
3rd – Raffles Junior College
4th – Anglo-Chinese Junior College


1st – Raffles Junior College
2nd – Victoria Junior College
3rd – Hwa Chong Institution
4th – Anglo-Chinese Junior College


  1. steven gonzales May 14, 2008 at 11:20 am - Reply


    my sister is in the x-country boy….

    University High School.


  2. ACSian May 3, 2008 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    allan teng is from acjc not acs(ind)
    thanks (:

  3. Marvin Lowe May 3, 2008 at 2:23 am - Reply

    i wanted to put this down since i posted the photo but it slipped my mind…. Viva Victoria!=p

  4. les April 26, 2008 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    Top 20 individual results for each category listed above plus top 5 schools for each category too.

  5. renuka April 26, 2008 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    The full results are on the website, on the cross country page (:

  6. St Nicks girl April 26, 2008 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    the full result is at (:

  7. Victorian April 26, 2008 at 2:19 am - Reply

    thanks les for the changes. it means alot to us. 🙂

    and somemore errors..

    allan teng
    [not tang]
    pic 7

    “Victoria JC’s Jonathan D’Cruz fighting off the challenge of Su Yen Bing (left) and Soh Hua Qun (right) of RJC for fourth place, behind teammate Lee Ming Hui.”
    [4th place not 3rd place. and Hua Qun not Jun]
    pic 8

    thank you again, for the change in title, on behalf of Vs.

  8. rh April 26, 2008 at 1:08 am - Reply

    the pic of jon dcruz says he fought the two guys for the third places, i think its the fourth, lee minghui was in front i think.

  9. les April 25, 2008 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the name updates and we changed the title as suggested. If it’s reasonable, as your is, I’m happy to change it.

    After all, we don’t have complete record for cross-country, only last year’s results.

    If anyone has the full cross-country results going back decades, please share it with us.

  10. anonyrandom April 25, 2008 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    #xx74 ac runner is allan tang

  11. Victorian April 25, 2008 at 10:56 pm - Reply

    Lim Han Ren
    1st pic (Vs boy)

    Jonathan Edward D’Cruz (not decruz)
    8th pic. (Vjc boy)

    Jonathan Wong
    15th pic. (Vs boy)

    Eloise Wee
    9th pic (Vjc girl)

    Soh Rui Yong
    7th pic (not 5th pic. he’s a guy. lols.)

    is it possible to have the title changed ? =)
    because, i feel that it is not a drought when u lose for 1 year.
    it was the first time in 19 years that Vs did not win at least 1 of the 2 titles in 2007.
    if this is a drought, what about those who win only once in many years?
    thanks alot. i hope i’m not asking alot.
    God bless.

  12. cjc April 25, 2008 at 9:37 pm - Reply

    Photo 8 © Marvin Lowe – rjc runners : su yen bing (left), soh hua jun (right)

  13. les April 25, 2008 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    Are there results for C Div individual? I’m sure there are. Just that we don’t have it.

  14. les April 25, 2008 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks but you did not indicate the photo number. I presume you are referring to the girl from RJC?

  15. dill April 25, 2008 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    the first rjc runner is Soh Rui Yong

  16. random April 25, 2008 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    is there the results for c div individual?

  17. vj April 24, 2008 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    #1717 from vjc is ashley who came in first for Adiv girls

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