POL-ITE champions Nanyang Poly crush SMU



Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Floorball Championship 2008 (women)

Story by Muhammad Hannan. Pictures by Shaun Chook.

Republic Polytechnic, January 4th, 2008 – Fresh from their POL-ITE championship victory in October 2007, Nanyang Polytechnic continued their fine form with a 5-1 demolition of SMU in their first IVP championship game. Scoring as early as the first minute, NYP’s #28 Wileen Ong scored unassisted, her drag shot from close to halfway across the court went pass the SMU keeper. SMU were stunned to concede so early. NYP then went on to extend their lead six minutes later when #51 Hui Hui scored another goal unassisted.


SMU #14 makes a breakaway. (Photo © Shaun Chook)

SMU came close to scoring in the 10th minute with a free hit from the corner when their #11 Shalini laid the ball on for teammate #19 Cai Fen to shoot. However, Cai Fen's shot was dealt with by NYP keeper #99 Fazira Begum. Two minutes later, SMU captain, #4 Melanie Kiang did fantastic work in holding the ball up. Her pass to the centre was however easily stopped by NYP's well-drilled defence.

NYP added a third goal to their name when their #8 Xinni Chua reacted fastest to a rebound to smash it into the net to end Period 1 with NYP leading 3-0.


SMU #9 shields the ball from an NYP player. (Photo © Shaun Chook)

SMU kick started Period 2 with more zest, launching attack after attack on NYP's goal only to be let down by poor finishing, leading the SMU coach to shout "Hurry before I kill you!" when an SMU player was unable to execute a move quickly. SMU keeper #3 Shi Hui kept her team in the game with plenty of good saves from NYP's quick counter-attacks but had teammate #17 Serene Loh to thank in the eight minute. Shi Hui made a good save but couldn't locate the ball after the rebound. Serene, however, reacted quick enough to hit the loose ball out of harm’s way.

SMU were however unlucky to concede another through an own goal. NYP #36 Syafizah's pass to #20 Ramri Sinjali was intercepted and hit into her own goal by SMU #12 Stephanie Loi.


Wileen Ong, NYP #28 sets herself up for a goal. (Photo © Shaun Chook)

SMU was given a life line when they were awarded a penalty in the 13th minute of Period 2 when NYP #51 Hui Hui was guilty of preventing a goal-scoring opportunity by slashing. SMU captain, Melanie Kiang made no mistake scoring from the penalty to reduce the deficit and end Period 2 with NYP leading 4-1.


Stephanie Loi, (#12, SMU) being watched closely by an NYP defender. (Photo © Shaun Chook)

The 3rd period for SMU couldn't have started any worse as NYP #51 pounced on a rebound and squeezed her shot beneath the diving SMU keeper. It was certainly not a good start for the SMU keeper who seemed to have found her rhythm in Period 2. Then SMU was once again saved by their #17 Serene Loh who used her foot to legally kick the ball out of shooting range for NYP.

SMU came out into the 3rd period with little to show for as their players were easily knocked off their feet. The fire shown by SMU in Period 2 dwindled as the time went on. SMU then suffered a numerical disadvantage when #16 Jie Ying was penalized for incorrect pushing. NYP however did not capitalize on this advantage and were kept out by SMU. For the rest of Period 3, the SMU keeper saved her team further embarrassment as she made a series of saves to keep the score respectable and prevent NYP from adding to their five goals. However, SMU could do little to prevent NYP from walking off 5-1 winners by the end of the game..


NYP Keeper Fariza Begum reaches long for the loose ball. (Photo © Shaun Chook)

Scorers: Wileen Ong, Hui Hui (x2), Xinni Chua, (SMU own goal by Stephanie Loi)
Assist: Nil

Scorers: Melanie Kiang
Assist: Nil

Editor's note: If you recognise yourself or your teammates, or if we've got the names wrong, let us know and we'll update the captions. Thanks.


Monday, 7 Jan

Men’s A at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
6.00pm SP vs NTU
7.45pm NYP vs SIM

Women’s A at Republic Polytechnic
6.00pm NYP vs SIM
7.45pm RP vs SMU

Tuesday, 8 Jan

Women’s B at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
6.00pm NUS vs NP
7.45pm TP vs NTU

Men’s B at Republic Polytechnic
6.00pm SMU vs TP
7.45pm RP vs NUS

Wednesday, 9 Jan

Men’s A at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
6.00pm SIM vs SP
7.45pm NP vs NYP

Women’s A at Republic Polytechnic
6.00pm SP vs NYP
7.45pm SIM vs RP

Thursday, 10 Jan

Women’s B at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
7.45pm NUS vs TP

Men’s B at Republic Polytechnic
6.00pm NUS vs TP
7.45pm RP vs SMU

Friday, 11 Jan

Men’s A at Ngee Ann Polytechnic
6.00pm NYP vs SP
7.45pm NTU vs NP

Women’s A at Republic Polytechnic
6.00pm SMU vs SP
7.45pm NYP vs RP

Monday, 14 Jan

Women’s Semi-Finals at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

6.30pm Semi-Final W1 Gp A 1st vs Gp B 2nd
8.00pm Semi-Final W2 Gp B 1st vs Gp A 2nd

Tuesday, 15 Jan

Men’s Semi-finals at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

6.30pm Semi-Final M1 Gp A 1st vs Gp B 2nd
8.00pm Semi-Final M2 Gp B 1st vs Gp A 2nd

Thursday, 17 Jan

6.30pm Women 3rd/4th Placing at NP
8.00pm Men 3rd/4th Placing at NP


Friday, 18 Jan
6.30pm Women’s Final at NP
8.00pm Men’s Final at NP

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