Looking for the Singapore Slingers’ 2012 ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) fixture schedule? They are all right here.

There are three new teams for the 2012 season — Saigon Heat, Bangkok Cobras and San Miguel Beermen.

Two teams have changed their names. The KL Dragons are now the Malaysia Dragons while Satria Muda BritAma are now the Indonesia Warriors.

2012 ABL Standings

PCT - Win %. Top 4 qualify for playoffs.
San Miguel Beermen174.81034
Philippine Patriots165.76232
Indonesia Warriors129.57124
Malaysia Dragons1110.52422
Singapore Slingers912.42918
Saigon Heat813.38116
Bangkok Cobras615.28612
Thailand Slammers516.23810

2012 ASEAN Basketball League Fixtures

All times shown are local times.
Jan 14, Sat4pmPhilippine Patriots86Bangkok Cobras58
Jan 14, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons83San Miguel Beermen77
Jan 15, Sun3pmThailand Slammers78Saigon Heat58
Jan 15, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers59Indonesia Warriors79
Jan 18, Wed8pmS'pore Slingers74Thailand Slammers63
Jan 21, Sat3pmBangkok Cobras71Thailand Slammers67
Jan 21, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors80M'sia Dragons93
Jan 21, Sat6pmSan Miguel Beermen78Philippine Patriots70
Jan 25, Wed7pmSaigon Heat55S'pore Slingers60
Jan 28, Sat4pmPhilippine Patriots86Indonesia Warriors73
Jan 28, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons97Saigon Heat86
Jan 29, Sun3pmThailand Slammers59San Miguel Beermen68
Jan 29, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers73Bangkok Cobras48
Feb 1, Wed5pmM'sia Dragons70Bangkok Cobras73
Feb 1, Wed7pmPhilippine Patriots70Saigon Heat62
Feb 1, Wed7pmIndonesia Warriors70Thailand Slammers82
Feb 1, Wed8pmS'pore Slingers71San Miguel Beermen63
Feb 4, Sat4pmSan Miguel Beermen94Bangkok Cobras59
Feb 4, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors96Saigon Heat68
Feb 5, Sun6pmPhilippine Patriots86M'sia Dragons72
Feb 5, Sun8pmThailand Slammers66S'pore Slingers56
Feb 11, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons106Thailand Slammers72
Feb 11, Sat7pmSaigon Heat62San Miguel Beermen85
Feb 12, Sun3pmBangkok Cobras57Indonesia Warriors73
Feb 12, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers75Philippine Patriots80
Feb 18, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors61San Miguel Beermen77
Feb 18, Sat6pmThailand Slammers72Philippine Patriots81
Feb 19, Sun3pmSaigon Heat61Bangkok Cobras76
Feb 19, Sun8pmM'sia Dragons86S'pore Slingers71
Feb 25, Sat6pmSan Miguel Beermen70M'sia Dragons73
Feb 25, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors65S'pore Slingers57
Feb 26, Sun6pmPhilippine Patriots80Bangkok Cobras72
Feb 26, Sun3pmSaigon Heat60Thailand Slammers55
Feb 29, Wed6pmSan Miguel Beermen81Indonesia Warriors77
Mar 3, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons82Indonesia Warriors79
Mar 3, Sat6pmThailand Slammers86Bangkok Cobras76
Mar 3, Sat6pmPhilippine Patriots66San Miguel Beermen68
Mar 7, Wed8pmS'pore Slingers67Saigon Heat72
Mar 10, Sat6pmSan Miguel Beermen92Thailand Slammers77
Mar 10, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors68Philippine Patriots72
Mar 11, Sun4pmBangkok Cobras79S'pore Slingers74
Mar 11, Sun3pmSaigon Heat70M'sia Dragons69
Mar 14, Wed6pmBangkok Cobras85M'sia Dragons81
Mar 14, Wed4pmSan Miguel Beermen75S'pore Slingers65
Mar 14, Wed6pmThailand Slammers72Indonesia Warriors89
Mar 14, Wed7pmSaigon Heat57Philippine Patriots73
Mar 17, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons87Philippine Patriots90
Mar 17, Sat7pmSaigon Heat68Indonesia Warriors72
Mar 18, Sun3pmBangkok Cobras78San Miguel Beermen86
Mar 18, Sun3pmThailand Slammers70S'pore Slingers77
Mar 24, Sat4pmSan Miguel Beermen63Saigon Heat66
Mar 24, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors74Bangkok Cobras67
Mar 25, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers70Philippine Patriots82
Mar 25, Sun6pmThailand Slammers80M'sia Dragons69
Mar 31, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors69San Miguel Beermen71
Mar 31, Sat6pmPhilippine Patriots89Thailand Slammers68
Apr 1, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers81M'sia Dragons70
Apr 4, Wed7pmSaigon Heat88Indonesia Warriors86
Apr 4, Wed7pmBangkok Cobras78Philippine Patriots84
Apr 7, Sat6pmThailand Slammers56Saigon Heat58
Apr 8, Sun5pmM'sia Dragons76San Miguel Beermen92
Apr 14, Sat6pmSan Miguel Beermen93Philippine Patriots78
Apr 14, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors98M'sia Dragons80
Apr 15, Sun3pmBangkok Cobras83Thailand Slammers78
Apr 21, Sat4pmPhilippine Patriots79Indonesia Warriors104
Apr 21, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons95Saigon Heat75
Apr 22, Sun4pmThailand Slammers76San Miguel Beermen103
Apr 22, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers95Bangkok Cobras78
Apr 25, Wed4pmSan Miguel Beermen68S'pore Slingers64
Apr 25, Wed7pmPhilippine Patriots76Saigon Heat70
Apr 25, Wed7pmBangkok Cobras84Malaysia Dragons107
Apr 28, Sat6pmSan Miguel Beermen91Bangkok Cobras77
Apr 28, Sat5pmIndonesia Warriors73Thailand Slammers63
Apr 29, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers73Saigon Heat67
Apr 29, Sun6pmPhilippine Patriots93M'sia Dragons97
May 2, Wed7pmSaigon Heat77Bangkok Cobras69
May 5, Sat5pmM'sia Dragons94Thailand Slammers79
May 5, Sat6pmPhilippine Patriots90S'pore Slingers84
May 6, Sun3pmBangkok Cobras79Indonesia Warriors99
May 6, Sun3pmSaigon Heat68San Miguel Beermen83
May 9, Wed8pmM'sia Dragons88S'pore Slingers105
May 12, Sat6pmThailand Slammers74Philippine Patriots80
May 13, Sun3pmBangkok Cobras66Saigon Heat68
May 13, Sun4pmS'pore Slingers85Indonesia Warriors92
Semi-Final Playoff 1
May 26, SatSan Miguel Beermen111Malaysia Dragons104
Jun 2, SatMalaysia Dragons100San Miguel Beermen77
Jun 9, SatSan Miguel Beermen90Malaysia Dragons56
Semi-Final Playoff 2
May 27, SunPhilippine Patriots64Indonesia Warriors73
Jun 3, SunIndonesia Warriors72Philippine Patriots51
Jun 16, SatSan Miguel Beermen86Indonesia Warriors83
Jun, 23, SatIndonesia Warriors81San Miguel Beermen61
Jun 30, SatSan Miguel Beermen76Indonesia Warriors78