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“High jump may be an individual event, but we don’t have to do it alone.” – Michelle Sng

Michelle, who set the high jump national record of 1.84m in March 2015, also won the bronze medal at the home 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

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“Without KPMG’s support, I could possibly have ended my bowling career.” — Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, national kegler

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan is on a year's sabbatical from work at KPMG to train for the Southeast Asian Games. She tells Red Sports in an interview how her company has supported her in this journey, and more.

“It’s a lot easier for us knowing we have the support of the company so that I can earn my keep and still do what I like.” — Micky Lin, national netball team captain, on juggling sports and work at Deloitte

In an interview, Micky Lin, captain of the national netball team, tells Red Sports about her work at professional services firm, Deloitte, and how she juggles it with her sporting commitments.

“I ran my first marathon in 1997. I have done two” – an interview with Lawrence Wong (Part 8)

Minister Lawrence Wong shares his motivation to run the marathon and his running PBs.

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On sporting trends and impact of cable sports television – an interview with Lawrence Wong (Part 7)

"We see also the trend where, and this is not just in Singapore but also globally, sports participation is rising, but a lot more of it happens individually then in teams," said Minister Wong.

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“We give funding beyond athletes who can get medals” – an interview with Lawrence Wong (Part 6)

"The design of the system is to create a base for all athletes and then we progressively increase support. The more the athletes get, the higher the level of the performance," said Minister Wong.

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“So that’s one thing that ActiveSG hopes to address: programmes that you can participate in and sports that you can enjoy” – an interview with Lawrence Wong (Part 5)

Minister Lawrence Wong talks about how ActiveSG can give school students more chances to play sport outside of the MOE system.

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