The birth of champions – the Victoria Junior College football girls’ story (Part 1)

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When the final whistle sounded at this year’s A Division Girls’ Football Championship final, Azrulnizam Shah was coach of the first junior college side to retain the title since the tournament’s inception. He was also the architect of three gold medals and one silver since the start of his tenure in 2005.
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S.League sponsorship – a good marketing play or national service?

In its 14-year history, the S.League has struggled to establish an emotional connection with Singaporeans. While there are sponsors willing to come on board, the league needs a regional expansion plan for it to take off and come out from under the shadow of the English Premier League.

What is handball all about?

You’re standing in a court, surrounding with players, waiting for a small object to come flying in your direction. Suddenly you see it, and you quickly run out to it and try to catch it before sprinting three more steps and throwing it with all your might.
 Are you playing basketball? Futsal? Captain's ball?

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Lifesaving: a sport?

The first thought that comes into most people’s mind about lifesaving is a lifeguard saving someone in distress. Actually, that’s just part of lifesaving. Lifesaving is now a sport has become one of the largest sporting events in Australia and other countries.

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