Story by REDintern Fang Yiyang. Photos by Iman Hashim/Red Sports

Ong Minn Shuen (#17094) clocked 17:26.8 over 3.8 kilometres to finish eighth in the Under-17 Girls' category, leading Nan Hua High School to the Team championship. (Photo 1 © Iman Hashim/Red Sports)

Ong Minn Shuen (#17094) clocked 17:26.8 over 3.8 kilometres to finish eighth in the Under-17 Girls’ category, leading Nan Hua High School to the Team championship. (Photo 1 © Iman Hashim/Red Sports)

Bedok Reservoir, Saturday, February 23, 2019 — Collective effort from the runners of Nan Hua High School and Raffles Institution (RI) secured their schools’ victories in the Under-17 Girls’ and Boys’ team championships respectively, despite the individual champions coming from Cedar Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Institution (HCI).

Cedar dominated the individual rankings of the 3.8-kilometre U17 Girls’ race, with Claudia Tang and Kylie Tan coming in first and second respectively.

Claudia started the race conservatively, pulling away in the second half of the race along the gravel path.

“I was really tired in the last part, as I had a side stitch. But I tried my best to hang on till I finished the race,” said Claudia.

Claudia’s timing of 16 minutes and 17 seconds placed her over half a minute ahead of runner-up Kylie, who clocked 16:49.

The team championships, however, gave other schools the opportunity to shine. With its top four runners clustered near the top 10 — Ong Minn Shuen in eighth, Shannon Wong in 11th, Hoe Shien Hui in 12th and Tang Ler Shuan in 13th — Nan Hua scored 44 points to clinch the team title, edging our Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) by just one point. Cedar placed fourth with 70 points.

In the Boys’ race, Chew Yue Bin of HCI finished first in 16:38, with defending champion Chai Jia Cheng of RI close behind in 16:40.

“I was just trying to follow Yue Bin throughout the race, but he pulled away in the end. The pace was pretty relaxed at first but it got more intense after the hill,” said Jia Cheng, referring to the steep slope located slightly before the halfway mark of the 4.8km route.

“Subsequently Yue Bin began to pull away along the gravel path, and I did not manage to react. I thought that I might be able to chase him down later towards the end but there was not enough distance for me to do so,” added Jia Cheng.

Along with Bhuvan Anantham in 13th, Hiren Koba in 22nd and Sebastian Lau in 24th, RI clinched the team championship trophy with a total of 61 points, safely ahead of Victoria School’s 91 points. Despite Yue Bin’s victory, HCI failed to make it to the top four in the team standings.

In the U14 races, Nan Hua’s Mervyn Ong was the first individual while HCI clinched the Boys’ team championship with 40 points, just a single point ahead of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). JS Athletics’ Clara Chua and Carmela Ruiz-Cabrero made it a 1-2 for their club in the Girls’ category while Chan Shi Kai of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School finished third, leading her team to the Girls’ team title with 31 points.

U17 Girls’ Individual Results
1st Claudia Tang Ning Xuan (#17030, Cedar Girls’ Secondary) — 16:17.9
2nd Kylie Tan (#17028, Cedar Girls’ Secondary) — 16:49.5
3rd Brina Goh Yu Yun (#17042, Dunman High School) — 16:53.2
4th Alexis So Hui Jun (#17034, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School) — 16:54.4
5th Charlene Goh (#17087, Methodist Girls’ School) — 17:02.4
6th Rosario Ruiz-Cabrero (#17067, JS Athletics) — 17:06.4
7th Katelyn Tan (#17086, Methodist Girls’ School) — 17:20.0
8th Ong Minn Shuen (#17094, Nan Hua High School) — 17:26.8
9th Teo Jia Wen (#17057, Guangyang Secondary) — 17:29.3
10th Ooi Zhewei (#17089, Methodist Girls’ School) — 17:33.9

U17 Girls’ Team Results
1st Nan Hua High School — 44 points
8th Ong Minn Shuen (#17094)
11th Shannon Wong (#17092)
12th Hoe Shien Hui (#17093)
13th Tang Ler Shuan (#17095)

2nd Methodist Girls’ School — 45 points
5th Charlene Goh (#17087)
7th Katelyn Tan (#17086)
10th Ooi Zhewei (#17089)
23rd Elizabeth Rose (#17090)

3rd CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School — 56 points
4th Alexis So Hui Jun (#17034)
16th Joyce Ong Yu Ting (#17038)
17th Yap Jing Yee (#17035)
19th Genevieve Lim Su Ya (#17037)

4th Cedar Girls’ Secondary School — 70 points
1st Claudia Tang Ning Xuan (#17030)
2nd Kylie Tan (#17028)
26th Jolene Koh Geak Ling (#17033)
41st Bella Chong Ching Ying (#17029)

U17 Boys’ Individual Results
1st Chew Yue Bin (#17285, Hwa Chong Institution) — 16:38.6
2nd Chai Jiacheng (#17416, Raffles Institution) — 16:40.5
3rd Loh Wei Long (#17408, Yuan Ching Secondary) — 17:05.6
4th Abroysius Ng Zhong Yi (#17255, Guangyang Secondary) — 17:24.5
5th Lim Wei Feng (#17318, Nan Hua High School) — 17:26.3
6th Lim Yu Zhe (#17323, Nan Hua High School) — 17:37.0
7th Jonathan Yeong Jia Wen (#17279, Hwa Chong Institution) — 17:40.0
8th Tan Jun Hao (#17254, Gan Eng Seng School) — 17:44.5
9th Bryan Ong (#17194, Bukit Batok Secondary) — 17:49.6
10th Xavier Tan Yu Hui (#17252, Gan Eng Seng School) — 17:52.9

U17 Boys’ Team Results
1st Raffles Institution — 61 points
2nd Chai Jiacheng (#17416)
13th Bhuvan Anantham (#17420)
22nd Hiren Koban (#17421)
24th Sebastian Lau Yao Quan (#17417)

2nd Victoria School — 91 points
12th G Shyam Naidu (#17384)
19th Daniel Ho Zhi Xian (#17382)
26th Joshua David Neo Jia En (#17386)
34th CT Mani Lakshmanan (#17381)

3rd Guangyang Secondary School — 93 points
4th Abroysius Ng Zhong Yi (#17255)
11th Goh Zhi Peng (#17256)
30th Andrew Tai Shi Cheng (#17257)
48th Muhammad Asyraaf B Mohammad I (#17260)

4th Gan Eng Seng School — 94 points
8th Tan Jun Hao (#17254)
10th Xavier Tan (#17252)
37th Lim Seow Kiat (#17253)
39th Wong Zheng Wei (#17250)

U14 Girls’ Individual Results
1st Clara Chua (#14067, JS Athletics) — 15:56.3
2nd Carmela Ruiz-Cabrero (#14066, JS Athletics) — 16:14.1
3rd Chan Shi Kai (#14032, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School) — 16:42.1
4th Hannah Tong (#14079, Methodist Girls’ School) — 16:44.6
5th Eryka Anna Kerner Pasupathy (#14004, Cedar Girls’ Secondary) — 16:53.2
6th Alyssa Xavier (#14080, Methodist Girls’ School) — 16:56.8
7th Kayla Ng Shi Ying (#14058, Guangyang Secondary) — 17:01.2
8th Chloe Tan Ser Gi (#14030, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School) — 17:09.4
9th Natalie Tan Li Ying (#14031, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School) — 17:11.9
10th Alexandra Ng (#14003, Cedar Girls’ Secondary) — 17:31.6

U14 Girls’ Team Results
1st CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School — 31 points
3rd Chan Shi Kai (#14032)
8th Chloe Tan Ser Gi (#14030)
9th Natalie Tan Li Ying (#14031)
11th Kristel Koh Xiulin (#14033)

2nd Cedar Girls’ Secondary School — 43 points
5th Eryka Anna Kerner Pasupathy (#14004)
10th Alexandra Ng (#14003)
13th Sofia Sameer Grewal (#14006)
15th Glorie Ong Zuo Yu (#14005)

3rd Methodist Girls’ School — 49 points
4th Hannah Tong (#14079)
6th Alyssa Xavier (#14080)
19th Glenda Tan (#14081)
20th Natalie Lim (#14082)

4th Raffles Girls’ School — 74 points
12th Jaime Yap Yi Jun (#14089)
14th Ng Rui Shi (#14090)
22nd Regina Ng Hui Jun (#14094)
26th Jiang Yi’An (#14091)

U14 Boys’ Individual Results
1st Mervyn Ong (#14253, Nan Hua High School) — 14:00.6
2nd Dai Hexuan (#14226, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:07.0
3rd Jacob Tan (#14225, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:18.5
4th Namasivayam Siva Sanker (#14308, Yuan Ching Secondary) — 14:30.6
5th Kieran Andre Longue (#14280, St. Joseph’s Institution) — 14:31
6th Ferrell Lee (#14134, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)) — 14:37.0
7th Yang Heran (#14227, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:38.9
8th Ryan Wong (#14133, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)) — 14:41.1
9th Edward Tay (#14243, Maris Stella High School) — 14:45.9
10th He Jiurui (#14161, Catholic High School) — 14:53.0

U14 Boys’ Team Results
1st Hwa Chong Institution — 40 points
2nd Dai Hexuan (#14226)
3rd Jacob Tan (#14225)
7th Yang Heran (#14227)
28th Darius Lee (#14229)

2nd Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) — 41 points
6th Ferrell Lee (#14134)
8th Ryan Wong (#14133)
11th Kyle Seow (#14135)
16th James Lachlan Chin (#14131)

3rd Nan Hua High School — 103 points
1st Mervyn Ong (#14253)
30th Nicholas Chew (#14250)
32nd Cavan Choy (#14248)
40th Ong Teng Hwee (#14249)

4th Guangyang Secondary School — 105 points
19th Ethan Tan (#14200)
24th Marcus Goh (#14201)
27th Nester Ng (#14203)
35th Jadon Loo (#14202)

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