Story by REDintern Roshan Thomas. Photos by REDintern Julianna Jothi

Alexander Lim Hui Yao (CHS #4) caught in action taking a shot against Yuhua Secondary.

Captain Alexander Lim (CHS #4) taking a shot against Yuhua Secondary. (Photo 1 © REDintern Julianna Jothi)

Catholic High School, Wednesday, February 13, 2019 — Catholic High School (CHS) put on an emphatic showing to trounce Yuhua Secondary School (YHS) 18-2 and seal the top spot in their group and their place in the knockout stage.

With this win, CHS capped off the group stage with a perfect 5-0 win-loss record, while YHS finished with one of 2-3, resulting in YHS’s exit from the tournament at this stage.

YHS captain Quek Fu Wen (YHS #20) reflected: “Even though we lost, we can be proud that we played with all our heart and soul throughout this season. Also, I truly believe that we have come to cherish one another as teammates, which is the most important factor for us.”

YHS came into the game needing a crucial win to have a chance at progressing to the next round, hence they came into the game with nothing to lose.

Thus, they took the fight to CHS, resulting in high-speed end-to-end action early on in the game, as both teams surged forward in search of an opener.

After minutes of deadlock, it was CHS who opened the scoring, when Javier Ho (CHS #29) won the ball during a goalmouth scramble, and struck the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal.

CHS then switched to a long-range shooting tactic in an attempt to double their lead, and they landed shot after shot on target, yet the YHS defence stood firm.

However this strategy did pay off eventually, as Harvy Chan (CHS #45) fired a sharp flick shot into the top right corner and put his team 2-0 up.

But YHS refused to be fazed by this, and the team proceeded to tussle hard with CHS in the midfield areas, allowing them to win a lot of turnovers from their opponents.

YHS used these opportunities to attack and test the CHS defence, especially doing so through long range attempts on goal from free hits.

Yet, CHS had the last say in the period, as Jayden Li (CHS #22) pounced on a defensive error, allowing him to tap the ball home and close out the period with CHS 3-0 up.

In the second period, CHS came flying out of the blocks, determined to earn themselves a comfortable lead.

And in spite of strong resistance from the YHS defence, CHS drew blood four times in rapid succession.

The scorers were Tan Jia Hao (CHS #12) (twice), Lim Zhe An (CHS #47) and Elliot Tan (CHS #87) to send CHS 7-0 up.

This shocked YHS into retaliation, and they launched charge after charge of high-octane attacks on the CHS goal, unleashing a stream of shots that whizzed just shy of the CHS goal.

But CHS made use of this to wear their opponents down, before going on to release a barrage of shots at their target.

YHS keeper Fu Wen did his best to parry many shots, yet he could not prevent Harvy and Ryan Chia (CHS #8) from adding to their side’s tally, rounding off the period at 9-0 in CHS’s favour.

Going into the final period, with the game virtually out of sight, YHS played for their pride and honour, and they fought with all their heart, intensely pressing their opponents back into their own half.

In response, CHS employed a counter-attacking style of play, which worked wonders as they proceeded to find the back of the net three more times, through Elliot (twice) and Jia Hao.

However soon after, YHS’s grit and determination were finally rewarded as they fired home twice, through crisp long-rage slap-shots by Sy Ahrulnizam Virgiawan (YHS #10) and Muhamad Shafrizan (YHS #13).

Unfortunately for the warriors of YHS, as fatigue crept in, they were powerless to resist the goal-hungry CHS attackers, who found the back of the net a further six times in the dying minutes of the period.

Choo Keat Kong(CHS #39) (twice), Rannon Peh (CHS #85), Koen Chua (CHS #6), Jia Hao and Elliot landed the final blows, as CHS rounded off the game 18-2 against a gutsy and resilient YHS team.

CHS forward Elliot said: “It took us a while to adapt to the new tactics our coach has given us, yet we applied ourselves to our task and this gave us the win. Above all, our team has truly bonded this season, and I hope this bond only strengthens as we move forward in the competition!”

CHS will next play in the knockout stages, while YHS are now out of the tournament.

Score by Period
1st Period: 3-0
2nd Period: 6-0 (9-0)
3rd Period: 9-2 (18-2)

Elliot Tan Tze Ian (CHS #87) — 4 goals
Tan Jia Hao (CHS #12) — 4 goals
Harvy Chan Jian Sen (CHS #45) — 2 goals
Choo Keat Kong(CHS #39) — 2 goals
Koen Chua Dian-Lun (CHS #6) — 1 goal
Ryan Chia (CHS #8) — 1 goal
Lim Zhe An (CHS #47) — 1 goal
Rannon Peh (CHS #85) — 1 goal
Jayden Li Jun Xian (CHS #22) — 1 goal
Javier Ho Hongjun (CHS #29) — 1 goal

Sy Ahrulnizam Virgiawan (YHS #10) — 1 goal
Muhamad Shafrizan (YHS #13) — 1 goal

CHS Roster
Alexander Lim Hui Yao (CHS #4), Koen Chua Dian-Lun (CHS #6), Rannon Peh (CHS #85), Tan Jia Hao (CHS #12), Lim Zhe An (CHS #47), Shamin Lee Bansay-Ake (CHS #19), Jayden Li Jun Xian (CHS #22), Jason Zhao Zhi Zhen (CHS #67), Brian Goh Wei Kang (CHS#30), Chia Wei Chien, Ryan (CHS#8), Choo Keat Keong (CHS#39), Clarence Emmanuel Chua Yong Chen (CHS#57), Huang Yi Chen (CHS#50), Harvy Chan Jian Sen (CHS #45), Javier Ho Hongjun (CHS #29), Elliot Tan Tze Ian(CHS #87)

YHS Roster
Sy Ahrulnizam Virgiawan Bz (YHS #10), Muhamad Shafrizan (YHS #13), Quek Fu Wen (YHS #20), Abdul Ruzaini Abbas B Abdul H (YHS #11), Ahmad Jafni Munawwar Bin Sharif (YHS #3), Jonas Chong Hui (YHS#1), Darrius Tan Yi Xun (YHS #14), Farhan Reduan Ahammed (YHS #15), Hendra Saputra Bin Moahmed Sapi’ee (YHS #4), Lim Dee Hann Ethan (YHS #7), Muhammad Aidil Bin Muhamad Rizal (YHS #2), Muhammad Amin B Saptu (YHS #6), Muhammad Danial Bin Abdul Y Azid (YHS #5), Muhammad Nor Irfan B Mohamed R (YHS #9), Rejab B Ayob (YHS #12), Vikkram s/o Ravichandran (YHS #8)

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