Story by Daniel Yeo/Red Sports. Photos by Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports.

Chin Wan Qing (#5) of Singapore Institute of Management shoots against (#11) of Republic Polytechnic. (Photo © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Chin Wan Qing (#5) of Singapore Institute of Management shoots against (#11) of Republic Polytechnic. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

SIM Block D, Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Wednesday, July 18, 2018 — With some balanced and patient scoring, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) came away with a 44–34 win over Republic Polytechnic (RP) in their final games of the National Youth Sports Institute Basketball League.

SIM end their season second in the group standings with a 4–1 win-loss record, while RP finish in fourth with a 2–3 record.

Leading SIM was Captain Chin Wan Qing and teammate (SIM #5), as the duo scored a team-high eight points each. Meanwhile, Desiree Lee (RP #24) hit four treys to lead her team with a game-high 13 in the loss.

Right from the jump, SIM had a glaring size advantage at their centre position – while RP started five guard/forwards, SIM had a designated big in (SIM #15) to patrol the paint.

Be that as it may, SIM showed their ball movement on the perimeter in the game’s early goings, and this allowed (SIM #5) to get plenty of open looks from beyond the arc against RP’s 2-3 zone defence.

Speaking of which, although both teams played a 2-3 zone defence, there was one difference between the two. If RP was taking the ball up the court, there would be one designated SIM defender pressing the RP ball-handler full-court.

But, in the opening quarter, it looked like RP were unbothered by that full-court press. With Desiree Lee (RP #24), Afiqah (RP #19), and Sheryl Koh (RP #2) scoring six, five, and four respectively, they jumped out to a 17–10 lead by the end of the frame.

The second quarter would be all about SIM’s bigs, (SIM #7) and (SIM #15), as they cut into their deficit. Staggering their minutes, they would continue to draw double-teams and triple-teams from a RP team struggling to stop them.

Let RP Captain Fadzlia (RP #17) explain their defensive mindset: “Since they have a number of big men, we tried to contain them to prevent them from getting the ball in the 3 Sec area. So, we played a tight zone defence hoping to stop them to score from inside.”

By the end of the half, SIM were down by a mere five points.

And, without warning, SIM took off in the third, to the tune of a 13–0 period, kickstarted by the electrifying guard play of (SIM #87) and her six points in the quarter.

SIM did well to limit RP’s chances to score – a monster on the defensive boards, (SIM #15) would not let RP get another shot to break their drought.

RP did have their opportunities to score, but instead of slowing down the ball and finding a look in the half-court set, they took some ill-advised shots and tossed the ball up any time they were remotely open on the perimeter.

In contrast, SIM took more care to set up their shots, and their beautiful ball movement saw the ball go inside, outside, and back inside for an easy layup in one particularly mesmerizing sequence.

Into the fourth quarter, and although RP eventually managed to get back into their groove, all SIM had to do was keep pace with them. They did, and SIM claimed a 44–34 win to end their NYSI League season.

“Overall, it was a good experience, as we had to start preparing much earlier compared to other years. We also got to learn the different quirks of each player and we definitely used this competition to learn about our teammates,” SIM Captain Wan Qing shared on her team’s season.

RP Captain Fadzlia (RP #17) added, regarding her team: “For me, I feel that it’s a good experience for us because we get a first-hand look on our opponents before we see them in POL-ITE or IVP. From there, we can further improve on ourselves and strengthen our weaknesses to better prepare us for the upcoming season.”

Scoring by Quarter

1st Q: 10–17
2nd Q: 10–8 (20–25)
3rd Q: 13–0 (33–25)
4th Q: 11–9 (44–34)

Leading Scorers

Chin Wan Qing (#5) – 8 points
(#5) – 8 points

Desiree Lee Si Qi (#24) – 13 points, 4 3PM

SIM Roster
Cherry Tan, Ngai Hui Min, Jowilly Siew Mei Kit, Tung Kah Hui, Panmeline Liew Choon Hwee, Loo Qiao Yun, Liang Qi Wei, Lam Rui Qi, Tay Shi Ying, Chew Si Yi, Vanessa Wee Ning, Chin Wan Qing, Quek Yi Xian, Lim Yu Xuan Melissa

RP Roster
Sheryl Koh Huiqi (#2), Chang Xuan Zhen (#4), Chua Wen Fang (#5), Avaline Teng Wei Shi (#6), Mariah Franzciel V Nalzaro (#7), Soh Hui Ting (#8), Goh Sai Kin Alvina (#10), Chia Siu Wei (#11), Tan Jun Xiu (#12), Wong Jia Yi Winnie (#13), Zheng Wei Ying (#14), Musrifah Fadzlia Bte Masiran (#17), Ummi Nur Afiqah Bte Zulkifli (#19), Siti Nur Fatin Bte Mohd Fazli (#21), Foo Shu Lin (#22), Desiree Lee Si Qi (#24), Neo Wei Chee (#25), Nur Iffah Maisarah Bte Abdul R (#26), Heidi Tan (#27), Tan Zhi Yin (#44)

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