Story and photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports

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Yap Winnchis (NTU #15) lays it up. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

The Wave, NTU, Monday, June 18, 2018 — Nanyang Technological University (NTU) made use of their size advantage to secure the 67-53 victory over Republic Polytechnic (RP) in the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) Basketball League.

This season-opening victory gives NTU a 1-0 win-loss record while RP drops to a 1-1 win-loss record, defeating Singapore Management University (SMU) previously.

A few quick passes and Choo Jie Ying (NTU #5) got empty for the easy basket to kickstart the game. Shortly after, Avaline Teng (RP #6) answered with a three-point shot of her own.

Whenever one side scored, the other would counter with a shot of their own. However, it was RP who played good defense down the stretch to force three turnovers and scored six straight points off those turnovers to end the first quarter. RP were up 16-12 after the first.

RP were making their three-point shots all game long. They scored a total of nine three-point shots with three each coming from Avaline (RP #6) and Sheryl Koh (RP #2), and one each from Mariah Franzciel V Nalzaro (RP #7), Chia Siu Wei (RP #11) and Tan Jun Xiu (RP #11). Sheryl (RP #2) also had a game-high 20 points.

RP captain, Musrifah Fadzlia Bte Masiran (RP #17), commented, “We have a good number of shooters and we really train a lot on our three-point shots. It is good to see our efforts pay off.”

Using the break to compose themselves, NTU upped their defensive intensity in the second quarter. They were able to push ahead to lead 30-26 at the half.

Despite that, RP stuck around and were only down three after the third.

In the fourth quarter, NTU’s size advantage finally showed. Choo Jie Ying (NTU #5) and Yap Winnchis (NTU #15) took turns to score on the interior. Anchored at the center, they made it hard for RP to score in the paint as well.

NTU played good defense and executed their offense well down the stretch which allowed them to eventually take the game 67-53.

NTU captain, Chen Jingyi (NTU #13), remarked, “We didn’t really play up to our standards today. We fumbled the ball and had many turnovers from our passes as well. At the back, we tried to stay ahead with defense and getting the rebounds.”

Teammate Woon Wei Jing (NTU #12) also commented, “I think we can better prepare ourselves for the game from the start. We should have the right mentality from the start and go into the game with the right mentality.”

RP captain, Musrifah Fadzlia Bte Masiran (RP #17), added, “We can work more on our plays. From this game, we can see that we are lacking in that aspect, so we can take that back and work on our plays during subsequent training. We also lack in defense, so we need to work on that too when we get back.”

Scoring by Quarter
1st Q: 12-16
2nd Q: 18-10 (30-26)
3rd Q: 16-17 (46-43)
4th Q: 21-10 (67-53)

Top Scorers
Choo Jie Ying (#5) – 13 pts
Yap Winnchis (#15) – 11 pts
Chen Xiaona (#9) – 10 pts

Sheryl Koh Huiqi (#2) – 20 pts
Avaline Teng Wei Shi (#6) – 14 pts

NTU Roster
Ong Sze Ming (#2), Sheryl Ng Xue Qi (#4), Choo Jie Ying (#5), Chen Xiaona (#9), Lin Yuan (#11), Woon Wei Jing (#12), Chen Jingyi (#13), Au Zi Yi (#14), Yap Winnchis (#15), Teo Kai Xin (#16), Lee Yu Zhen (#21), Lee Mi Yun, Sharon (#31), Selina Fang Jialin (#71), Yip Xin Yi Louise (#77), Lim Zhi Yan Amanda, Foo Yuan Ru, Lim Boon Yee, Chua Cunfang, Mabel Koh Wen Ting

RP Roster
Sheryl Koh Huiqi (#2), Chang Xuan Zhen (#4), Chua Wen Fang (#5), Avaline Teng Wei Shi (#6), Mariah Franzciel V Nalzaro (#7), Soh Hui Ting (#8), Goh Sai Kin Alvina (#10), Chia Siu Wei (#11), Tan Jun Xiu (#12), Wong Jia Yi Winnie (#13), Zheng Wei Ying (#14), Musrifah Fadzlia Bte Masiran (#17), Ummi Nur Afiqah Bte Zulkifli (#19), Siti Nur Fatin Bte Mohd Fazli (#21), Foo Shu Lin (#22), Desiree Lee Si Qi (#24), Neo Wei Chee (#25), Nur Iffah Maisarah Bte Abdul R (#26), Heidi Tan (#27), Tan Zhi Yin (#44)

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