Story by REDintern Charles Lim. Photos by Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports.

Wang Shitong (RV #9) goes for a shot against the defense. She scored a game-high 9 points in the victory. (Photo  © Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports)

Wang Shitong (RV #9) goes for a shot against the defense. She scored a game-high 9 points in the victory. (Photo 1 © Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Wednesday, May 2, 2018 — River Valley High School (RV) sealed a 36-23 victory against Eunoia Junior College (EJC) to book their spot in the second round of the National A Division Basketball Championships.

The first quarter was a dull affair as both teams were unable to find the basket for the most part. This was until late in the quarter where Wang Shitong (RV#9) converted both free throws off a foul as she drove in. Yeo Si Min (RV #6) will add on with a fast break of her own from an interception. EJC remained scoreless this quarter.

EJC did not settle with their performance in the previous quarter and sprung into action. It was a neck to neck competition where the lead switched numerous times.

Sherlyn Ang (EJC #1) was pivotal in EJC’s scoring, starting off her scoring spree with an and one play, ending off with a 3-point shot in response to RV’s 3 pointer from Gabbie Er (RV #14). Sherlyn (EJC #1) contributed eight out of her team’s ten points this quarter. Despite this, RV still pulled through and maintained their lead at 16-10 with a combined team effort.

RV extended their lead in the third quarter with solid defence that forced numerous turnovers from EJC. EJC’s points in this quarter came solely off Liu Xiangyi (EJC #9), who had an dominating height advantage that reinforced her rebounding prowess.

Xiangyi (EJC #9) was also instrumental at EJC’s defence, denying RV’s attempts in the paint. RV’s baskets this quarter came off shots outside the paint, with Shitong (RV #9) contributing four and Huang Judy (RV #12) contributing five out of RV’s ten points this quarter.

RV maintained their lead in the final quarter, with half their points from a stint of interceptions in their opponent’s side. EJC created chances from their set plays and scored through Xiangyi (EJC #9) and Mabel Wen Anton (EJC #10), whom contributed four and five points respectively for EJC’s nine points this quarter.

On factors contributing to their win and performance this season, RV top scorer Shitong (RV #9) chimed in, “We have a strong team spirit and team dynamic. In previous games that we were losing, we managed to play from behind and still win in the end.” She added, “Our initial aim was just to enter second round, but now we will do our best and go as far as possible.”

Reflecting on the game, EJC Captain Li Zirou (EJC #7) shared, “It was quite clost at the start, overall we could have done better and it was a good experience playing against RV.” For the season, Zirou (EJC #7) added, “Hope that our J1 juniors can do better and win. It was a good eye opener for some of them who are in our current squad.”

With this win, RV advances to the second for their very first time in the National A Division Girls’ Basketball Championships.

Scoring by Quarter

1st Quarter: 4-0
2nd Quarter: 12–10 (16-10)
3rd Quarter: 10-4 (26-14)
4th Quarter: 10–9 (36-23)

Top Scorers

Wang Shitong (#9) – 9 points
Sarah Peh (#13) – 7 points

Sherlyn Ang Wei Ning (#1) – 8 points
Liu Xiangyi (#9) – 8 points

RV Roster
Ting Yi Xuan (#4), Teo Sze Jia (#5), Yeo Si Min (#6), Petra Ng Jia Yu (#7), Yuan Hai Shu (#8), Wang Shitong (#9), Loh Mei Ling (#10), Lim Juey Ngya (#11), Judy Huang (#12), Sarah Peh (#13), Gabbie Er Kian Ching (#14), Teo Hui Sin Megan (#15)

EJC Roster
Sherlyn Ang Wei Ning (#1), Chua Ming Hui (#2), Eint Myet Chae Htoo (#3), Heidi Nathania Chandra (#4), Lam Ting En (#5), Lee Wan Ying (#6), Li Zirou (#7), Lim Yin Shan (#8), Liu Xiangyi (#9), Mabel Wen Anton (#10), Michelle Lim Jia Min (#11), Snowy Goh Yu Lin (#12)

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