Story by REDintern Joy Poon. Photos by REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan.

The RVHS players celebrate after winning the game. (Photo 1 © REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan)

The RVHS players celebrate after winning the game. (Photo 1 © REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan)

Hougang Sports Hall, Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – River Valley High School showed their prowess when they concluded the preliminaries with a 6-0 win against Hwa Chong Institution in the National A Division Floorball Championship.

This puts River Valley at the top of their group and on to the semi-finals with a 5-0 win-loss record. Hwa Chong ended the preliminary rounds with a 1-4 win-loss record.

“Regardless of the score, RV and HCI both fought really hard and didn’t give up until the end,” said River Valley’s captain, Alyssa Chua (#14).

“But today wasn’t up to RV’s standard. We were making a lot of mistakes.”

In the first period, River Valley showed their dominance, often closing in on the goal post with their team’s Heng Ying Ying (#6) having at least three attempts to score.

Their defence was equally dominant as their offence, as they managed to fend off Hwa Chong’s attacks during a long period of pressure near RV’s goal.

The first goal came from River Valley’s Ong Sze Yi (#8), as she caught her opponents off guard.

Hwa Chong’s goalie Chia Xiao Fen (#1) performed better in the second period, catching an attempt to score by her hand. However, River Valley’s Tan Ruo Bing’s (#4) attack showed an experienced combination of speed and control.

Her failed attempt to score was followed by her going around the goal and sweeping it in. Hwa Chong’s Xiao Fen dived down to stop her but to no avail.

Despite conceding two goals, Xiao Fen was still up for the game, blocking five more attempts by River Valley.

Ultimately, River Valley’s Lim Shu Min (#11) still managed to score to bring the score to 3-0.

River Valley’s Ruo Bing repeated her attack in the first period, causing much alarm to her opponents. Her first attack did not succeed, but during a second attempt, she managed to gain possession of the ball soon after to score another for her team.

The advantage for River Valley increased further to 5-0 when River Valley’s Heng Ying Ying (#6) scored. Seeing her teammate losing a pass, she sped over and took control of the ball, and wasted no time in pushing it into the goal.

Ying Ying scored again in the 43rd minute. Hwa Chong did not give up in their attempts, though River Valley managed to maintain their 6-0 score.

Despite the heavy defeat, HCI’s captain had no regrets, having shown perseverance throughout the match.

“We put up a really good fight against RV, knowing that they’re a very strong and experienced team,” said HCI’s captain, Alicia Chan (#17).

“It has been really enjoyable to play against them and learn from their strengths as well.”

Score by Period
1st Period: 1-0
2nd Period: 2-0 (3-0)
3rd Period: 3-0 (6-0)

Ong Sze Yi (#8) – 1 goal (’4 mins 19 sec)
Tan Ruo Bing (#4) – 2 goals (’16:55, ’38:32)
Lim Shu Min (#11) – 1 goal (’29:11)
Heng Ying Ying (#6) – 2 goals (’39:46, ’42:25)

RVHS Roster
Alyssa Chua Yu Yan (#14), Chua Jie Qi, Vernice (#3), Foong Wai Teng Melissa (#26), Heng Ying Ying (#6), Ho Jiayi, Rachel (#7), Ho Yoon Yee (#13), Lim Shu Min (#11), Lim Zhi Yan (#1), Mah Ying Ying Sheryl (#21), Michelle Koh Jing Wen (#97), Mun Kei Wuai (#9), Ong Sze Yi (#8), Ooi Zheng Qi Jeannette (#32), See Yuanru (#17), Tan Hui En, Joanne (#99), Tan Ruo Bing (#4), Tang Jia Bei Jeanette (#18), Teresa Zhang Han Yu (#19), Toh Jun Rong (#57), Ying Chenfei (#98)

HCI Roster
Amanda Tan Qiu Tong (#18), Chan Yan, Alicia (#17), Cheryl Kho Xue Er (#13), Chia Xiao Fen (#1), Choo Jia Yi, Georgia (#11), Elina Keshia Kosasih (#15), Evangeline Goh En Lin (#22), Isabelle Ong Ee Ling (#7), Koh Kai Tian, Michelle (#5), Koh Kai Yen Amanda (#24), Lee Mei Wan, Julia (#25), Leong Yong Xu (#9), Ling Zi Wei, Rebecca (#8), Luo Siqi (#16), Oh Ee Ting (#2), Ong Sijie Grace (#19), Seow Chu-Yu, Tessa (#27), Shereen Tan Yi Jun (#14), Tan Li Tong (#10), Toh Wan Nee, Briana (#12), Wang Shiqi (#21), Wang Xirui (#3)